Tanjung Bintang District

Tanjung Bintang is a district established in 1954. At the beginning, it was a part of Gedung Wangi Forest, Natar District. the harsh condition made settlers of Tanjung Bintang leave the area and decided to go back to where they came from. Years later the local government decided to develop the area of districts, which made Tanjung Bintang fall into one of Tanjung Senang's villages. And 1982, it was officially established as a District with Desa jati Baru as the capital city.

Most people work as farmers, either they work on their own farm or for someone else or for companies that exist in the district. Tanjung Bintang is also famous for its sand used for building. Although it is in South Lampung, Lampung Province, most people living there are Javanese people, and the most widely spoken language is Javanese.

Tanjung Bintang is located 17.8 km east of the city of Bandar Lampung or approximately 37 minutes by car. There is not much to see here but plantations and rice fields. The total area of this district is 129.72 Km2, consisting of  16 villages.

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