Tanjung Senang District Bandar Lampung

Tanjung Senang is now a district. It used to be one of the villages under the district of Kedaton, Bandar Lampung. Under Tanjung Senang District are villages of Labuhan dalam (Post Code 35142), Pematang Wangi (Post Code 35141), Perumnas Way Kandis (Post Code 35141), Tanjung Senang (Post Code 35141) and Way Kandis (Post Code 35143).

In the north, the district of Tanjung Senang borders on Rajabasa District and South Lampung Regency. In the south, it borders on the District of Labuhan Ratu, of Way Halim, and of Sukarame. In the west, it borders on Rajabasa District, and in the east, it borders on South Lampung Regency. Tanjung Senang District has population of 39, 032.

The main road of this district is Jl. Ratu Dibalau that stretching from Way Halim area to the road that goes to Karang Anyar,  which is one of the villages under Tanjung Bintang District, South Lampung.

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