Sunday, May 15, 2016

Will Bandar Lampung be one of Tourist Destination Cities?

By on 8:04 PM

Bandar Lampung is a capital city of Lampung province, which was once visited by Canadian, American, Australian and British people due to construction work to be supervised by them. Canadian expatriates working for coal mining company located in Panjang district stayed for over 5 years. Lampung Irrigation Project, or precisely North Punggur Irrigation Project was funded (granted) by European Community. This project lasted almost 10 years. If not because of the project, none of them would have ever thought of visiting Bandar Lampung city.

Now things have changed a lot. Most areas have been developed to become places of interest that is expected to attract foreign visitors. One of the places is Tanjung Setia beach, which foreign visitors have often come to surf. Other beaches, which are mostly located in Bandar Lampung, have not been able to attract foreign visitors yet. If compared to Bali’s beaches, the beaches in Lampung still leaves much to be desired that can be compared to those in Bali. Lampung bay may be able to win over foreign visitors but there will be a lot to be done. The local residents living along the beaches shall first be moved, which will certainly cost huge amount of money, to say nothing of construction work. However, if the local government is serious about making Bandar Lampung one of the best tourist destination, this will certainly be possible.