Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Debt Burden Liberation Acknowledged byRegional Military Command in Lampung

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EXPLORING LAMPUNG - BANDAR LAMPUNG. As regard DBLC in Lampung Province, due to
hard work of Swissindo Team members, DBLC socialization has reached the Office of Regional Military Command in Bandar Lampung. Chief of Regional Military Command for Bandar Lampung has visited Bapak Sino in Cirebon and is now having coordination with Mr. Samsuddin (one of Swissindo Top Presidents) based in Lampung. Meanwhile, Police Chief for Tulang Bawang Regency has met Mr. Samsudin for further coordination regarding DBL for residents of Bandar Lampung.
"Our team members have covered most of Lampung Regencies: Menggala, Tulang Bawang, Pringsewu, South Lampung, Central Lampung, Metro City, and Bandar Lampung City. We are preparing Swissindo Videos in CD to be distributed to those who have contacted us," explained Pak Sam.

“Since copies of DBLC have been spread, we are busy having more visitors coming to our house. All visitors have visited us to ask about DBLC and general info on Swissindo,” he added.

These are two DBLC success stories as told by Kartika Maidiana to Exploring Lampung.
 “Since DBLC was announced, I tried to collect all data that support DBL request. Last year, I bought a car from one of the leasing companies in Lampung (Cimb Niaga Auto Finance). The debt collector came to my house because I did not pay the monthly installment of my debt. I told him I wouldn’t want to pay my debt because Swissindo has already paid all te people’s debt,” explained H. E.  Kartika. “After a long argument and after I had shown all the document to the debt collector, we finally came to an agreement that the debt would be postponed until the formal announcement made by Bank of Indonesia/Government.”

“Another debt postponement also happened to my friend, whose business went into bankruptcy, so he was not able to pay the monthly debt payment. I helped him explain it to ICC Leasing company,” said H. E. Kartika enthusiastically.

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