Wednesday, June 1, 2016

M1 To Meet President Soon

By on 3:23 AM

M1 and high ranking officials of RI
“Debt Burden Liberation Certificate, which has widely been disseminated throughout Indonesia and also other countries, will soon be recognized and approved by the government of Indonesia,” said one of Indo delegates in Jakarta, Indonesia.

“Upon the approval of the dblc, Bank of Indonesia will have to act accordingly by issuing Circulation Letter instructing the banks to stop collecting people’s debts,” he added.

With regard to Brunei, instant communication is still underway between representatives of Swissindo and representatives of Brunei as a continuation of the second meeting held in Brunei according to the trusted source.

With Presidential Protocol
DBLC in Lampung Province, Sumatera, Indonesia, has now been spread into remote areas. More and more people have come to the banks to show the dblc and other accompanying documents.

As regard the Indonesian Government’s response, Swissindo is still awaiting the President’s formal invitation. “Hopefully within a few days, M1 is meeting the president,” said one of high ranking officials of Swissindo. 

“We have to get approval from the president as we are based in Indonesia. Secondly,  leaders of the world can only visit Bapak through presidential protocol. That’s why we are waiting for the president” he said.