Friday, June 24, 2016

M1's Statement in respect of the Current World Economic Situation

By on 2:26 AM

This is the statement made by M1 today, June 24th, 2016 as follows:


We've received an official letter from our officers and delegates in respect of current situation, in which a high-level meeting has been held at USA main institutions (NSA,CIA,DOD dan UST). The meeting was attended by 40 executive staff members, who have been given directions as regard USA's critical economic and financial situation.

The stern warning has been informed of by CIA representatives urging that financial action be taken or else severe financial situation in America will occur affecting global economy. Representative of US Treasury(UST) also informed and confirmed similar matters. They explained the matters at the said meeting.

It is suggested that negotiating steps be taken to release global monetery between US Treasury and UN SWISSINDO since there have been efforts to sabotase and embezzle the transaction happening in Germany, China, and Japan.

The report from our delegates annunciates that the condition of world communities are increasingly critical and threatened due to increasingly worsening global economic situation. This will trigger the third world war if the effort to twart and distort transaction process of global account for the sake of personal interest. This is of course similar to what is happening in Indonesia.

Accordingly, we hope that anyone who is already aware of information of the current situation (Global and Universal Mission of UN-SWISSINDO | UN-GSE) will not on any account try to obstruct it!!!

Stop becoming robbers and suppressors of people's right!!! Whoever and whatever beings  in this universe dislike, abhore, and slander the existance of UN Swissindo's mission.

[Translated from Wong Apri's FB Status dated June 24th, 2016)