Monday, June 27, 2016

Swissindo Advocate Responds OJK Official's Statement Regarding DBLC

By on 10:01 PM

Batam Center (HK) – Swissindo’s Advocate Yuzril SH challenged Financial Service Authority ( OJK) to prove that DBLC issued by Swissindo is a lie.

 “What OJK said was not true. Say it is true, why not litigate it? Everything about Swissindo is clear: we have an address, and an office,” explained Yuzril when gathering for a fast-breaking meal at Hotel Grande, Ngoya Batam, on Friday, June 24th, 2016.

The fast-breaking gathering was held with the aim of socializing  DBLC and responding OJK official’s statement saying that DBLC is a lie.

The gathering was also attended by representatives of Batam City officials, members of Indonesian Army and Police as well as several local public figures.

Yuzril added that the statement issued by OJK regarding Swissindo was unilateral judgment. It said that DBLC was a baseless untrue fact.

In the socialization, Yuzril conveyed that it was electoral banking policy to free the people of debt burden.

Yuzril said that the presence of Swissindo is structured in 5(five) continents and systemized.
“In the near future Swissindo will make justification against Bank of Indonesia not having announced about DBLC to the public,” said Yuzril.

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