Ulu Belu Lake Tanggamus

As reported by Teguh Prasetyo - Lampung Tribune Reporter

TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID, KOTA AGUNG- Lampung turns out to have a lot of fascinating areas. Area of ​​Ulu Belu in Tanggamus is one of them. Tanggamus as Coffee-producing region has a geothermal resource proves to have a very beautiful turquoise lake which is  in stark contrast to the red soil around it.

This Lake having hot water is often called Grace Lake located on the border between the village of Pagar Alam and Muara Dua. The lake is located to the left of the highway of Ulu Belu. The lake was much talked about  young traveling lovers  in various social media. It is due to the unique color of the lake, which is very photogenic when photographed.

To get here,from Bandar Lampung, it takes about 2.5 - 3 by hours by car or 90 km.

Pay attention to the signboard of Batu Tegi Reservoir or follow the signpost towards Ulu Belu on the right road. After the turn, continue to follow a rather narrow but good asphalt road. Finally, you will reach a plateau area with beautiful views. Trees on large overlay with sprawling rice fields in the view. Especially when we nearly approach the area of ​​geothermal sources, then bursts of white clouds like the clouds, becomes the special scenery of its own.

The street to follow is winding. Motorists are asked to be careful when passing through here because on the right and left of the road, are ravines. Finally, you will arrive at a lake on the roadside, which directly anesthetizes the eyes making you keep looking at it due to the the lake having very unusual sight.


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