Monday, June 27, 2016

UN Swissindo Team presents DBLC in Batam City, Indonesia

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Swissindo Team in Batam
BATAM – DBLC socialization held by UN GSE (UN Swissindo) at Grand Hotel Block 3, Batam City, dated Wednesday 22nd, 2016 provided fresh air to the world of business and the society members who have problems with  bad debt.

Swissindo Advocate
Swissindo team represented by Executive Top Manager Mr. Muhammad Soleh accompanied by Swissindo Advocate Mr. Yunasril Yuzar Mandahiliang gave a presentation as regard to bad debt issue and how to resolve it.

The meeting room filled up with residents of Batam showed how enthusiastic they were about the DBLC. Also seen at the meeting were Regional Executives and members of Army and Police.
Yunasril Yuzar Mandailing presented the history of UN sWISSINDO. He said Swissindo in Indonesia was currently domiciled in Cirebon. Swissindo is the highest High Institution, which was founded by the first president of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno.

 “Swissindo currently has portals almost around the globe encompassing Bank of Indonesia, Union Bank of metal Switzerland, British Bank, American Bank and many more, mainly banks grouped with the world bank,” he explained.

It was said that UN Swissindo was a part of United Nations supervising  not only 253 countries in the world but also multinational army and the World Bank.

Yunasril Yuzar further explained that the people of Indonesia was given the opportunity to have their debt (up to 2 billion IDR) written off. The debtors can write the bank enclosed with recommendation letter from Swissinido that instructs the Bank to write off the debt.

Yunasril also showed how to write to banks they owe to in order that the banks via Bank of Indonesia will immediately respond letters sent by the residents.

 “If Swissindo tells you a lie in informing you of this fact, you can litigate it. As an evidence, up to now, we haven’t found fault with any authorities because what we have informed is fact and reality.”

-           Metro Batam Newspaper