Thursday, July 21, 2016

DBLC Socialization held in Telaga Jaya and Telaga Bambu Villages

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DBLC Team will never ever give up socializing Debt Burden Liberation Certificate issued by UN Swissindo International Orbit. Yesterday, July 21st, 2016 DBLC Socializing Team of Jakarta headed by Joko Widodo entered two villages named Telaga Jaya and Telaga Bambu not far from Gabus village, Bekasi Regency, West Java, Indonesia. The village communities are not very much different to  Gabus in terms of social attitude and behavior – unwilling to accept positive changes and new visitors. Joko Widodo, whose intercommunication as a 9th Dan  and a Black belt holder  does not consider it as a barrier to peacefully talk to the leader of the communities in both villages.
“They are still rather primitive but we were able to get along well with them. Some of them seemed to understand our mission, while some others looked at us in bewilderment. That’s normal, especially most of them did not attend school at all. We have our own way to make them understand and finally they got the message and promised to fully support Swissindo,” explained Mazbrow Joko Widodo.

“As officers of Swissindo, we must keep on smiling and make an all-out effort to bring Heaven on Earth into reality. We must be well united despite the fact that we are different in culture but under the same Grand Umbrella of the world,” he said, shaking with everyone at the socialization meeting.

DBLC Socialization inWest Bekasi, Indonesia

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