Saturday, July 23, 2016

DBLC Socialization in West Bekasi

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DBLC  Team members  headed by Joko Widodo continued their socialization work  to another village named  Kota Baru, West Bekasi. The socialization meeting was held in one of the residents’ house attended by almost 50 participants, most of whom are farmers and private employees.

Joko Widodo, the team leader explained not only about DBLC but also  all programs of Payment 1-11 including Venus Project.  He said all participants were very enthusiastic about Swissiindo Mission,which they have never heard before.

A lot of questions were also asked regarding how Swissindo came into existance. What they were all interested in knowing more was about Human Obligation and DBLC. “I was able to answer all the questions, bro,” he said to Exploring-lampung, “Our next DBLC Socialization meeting will be in a big private company in Cikarang City, West Java, where I used to teach Karate. Thank God, some of my students still work there. So, they have promised to arrange everything required for this socialization.

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