Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Swissindo is NOT building Castle in the Air

By on 3:26 AM

Swissindo International Orbit still continues its all out effort to introduce one of P1-11 programs -- Debt Liberation Program.

Despite the pros and cons among the societies both in Indonesia and abroad, the socialization teams seem to tirelessly keep holding the DBLC Socialization meetings. Meanwhile Bapak has been extremely busy with his huge number of guests who have come to visit him for clarification of the ongoing program.

Bapak, or MR. Sino, King of Kings never influences any parties in order to trust him, let alone commits the so-called scam alleged against him. He smiles when allegations is thrown at him. He is aware of who is against him but he does not take his revenge on them. He loves all and casts his bread upon the waters.  Back in 2013 even up to 2105, those who disbelieved made negative statements about him and circulated them in the internet. Bapak knows this and regards it as trivial. Those negative statements do not make him step backward in fear. He has even moved forward in full spirit to achieve his goal to free humanity.

His promises not being tangible yet do not mean his being a liar. Swissindo is not about one country; it involves 253 or more countries. If you think you want prosperity for all -- no more slavery and usury systems, please do pray that this dream will come true


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