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UN Swissindo Intensify DBLC Socialization in South Sulawesi Indonesia

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UN Swissindo intensify DBLC Socialization in South Sulawesi, Debtors of Banks agree to stop paying their debt

GOWA - KOMANDOPLUS -Banking officials in South Sulawesi must have flown off the handle due to their debtors showing inclination to stop paying their debts. What's more, DBLC socialization by UN Swissindo team has intensified telling people that the people's debt has already been paid off since February 4, 2016.

Hundreds of residents from a number of regencies in South Sulawesi including the City of Makasssar, Regencies of Gowa, Takalar, and Sinjai have participated in DBLC socialization activities. They have been informed that UN Swissindo has deposited its fund in 6 Prime Banks (BCA, Mandiri, BRI, BNI, Lippo Grup/Cimb, Damamon) worth US$ 6.1 trillion to be used to pay off the people's debt owed to both banks and leasing companies since February 4, 2016. Most of the participating residents are active debtors of various banks in South Sulawesi.

After hearing the explanation delivered by Swissindo SOE Team for South Sulawesi, La Ceni Kalean and Nurhadijah, customers of the banks, who are teachers, entrepreneurs, and local public figures, will support and take actions to immediately stop paying their monthly debt payment.

The socialization was held at a house of a resident on Jl.Baso Dg, Ngawing Allatappampang Pallangga Gowa, on Friday, July 15th, 2016. At least 50 active bank debtors said that they would stop paying their monthly debt payment as they have already got DBLC Certificate and other accompanying documents as proof of their debt repayment.

Questions frequently asked during the socialization are in regard to process mechanism of debt repaid by UN Swissindo. To answer those questions, the Swissindo team leader, Mr.La Ceni kalean said he would put it in the agenda for the next activity by inviting the central UN Swissindo team members, bank officials, OJK (Finance Service Authority), leasing companies, local high ranking officials of South Sulawesi, Army, and Police members. "My task is to socialize DBLC to the residents. As regard to UN Swissindo in general, that is not my capacity to explain it. It is the capacity of the Central UN Swissindo Team," said La Ceni Kalean

Meanwhile, based on our observation, banking officials seemed to fly off the handle as they have not understood the existence of UN Swissindo to say nothing of accepting the truth of the information that their debtors' outstanding debt has already been repaid.

The banking officials' attitude toward DBLC has varied responses. Some responded positively, while others gave a flat refusal. This happened at BRI Sinjai Branch. DBLC documents had been submitted twice but rejected by the BRI branch head insisting that he would still confiscate his debtor's (Miss Anti) collateral as stipulated in BRI regulation.

At BTPN Takalar (Bank for Pensioners' savings of Takalar), on the other hands, seemed to appreciate the information on DBLC. "Well, this is good. It will make the people prosperous. However, I will first make a coordination with our central office," said BTPN branch head in Takalar after he read the DBLC documents submitted to him by UN Swissindo for South Sulawesi.

Bank officials of One of Mandiri Banks in Makassar signed proof of DBLC document acceptance but that does not necessarily mean they approved the documents. Meanwhile, Finance Service Authority officials showed their eagerness to know more about UN Swissindo regarding its legal basis, domicile, and source of fund.

An official of BI for Makassar, who was met after he followed the release of statistic data for South Sulawesi, Friday, July 15, 2016, also rejected DBLC when asked about it. "We will announce it if that's true," he said before he went out of the lift.

Un Swissindo's Advocate Mr.Yunasril Yuzar SH on his facebook page dated July 2nd, 2016, wrote: " check it with BI or Swissindo about the truth of the information on DBLC; Swissindo has officially released the people's debt since February 4, 2016 revealing the account and its worth, and the world bank. This can't be a joke. It is international crime using UN logo and World Bank. In reality, Swissindo has issued a lot of letters and data using the name of Pentagon, CIA,FBI, Seato, Nato, Non Block. It would be stupid of Swissindo to have played around with it....what's the benefit..?"

Accepted UN Swissindo document signals that the issuance of world acquisition document is started from Indonesia. So, anyone trying to obstruct the process will be faced with inherent international law application that imposes sanction of 100 year imprisonment or fine of US$1,000 trillion.
the unconfirmed information that has entered our editorial section mentioned that the President of Indonesia has given green light in regard to this matter, and within near future he will announce it. (Iskandar)