Tuesday, August 9, 2016

DBLC Team for South Sulawesi Urge BI and OJK reveal the truth

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Reputation of UN Swissindo defamed by individuals of BI and OJK made La Ceni Kalean as UN Swissindo coordinator for South Sulawesi officially report the defamation to the police. The individuals circulated information to the people saying that UN Swissindo is an illegal organization. In addition to that, they made doodles on the circulated DBLC documents and kept telling the people in the community that the documents related to DBLC were false and illegal.
La Ceni Kalean also told the police that the BI and OJK have not followed up what they had requested by informing the people that UNSwissindo has prepared the fund in six prime banks to pay off the debt of the people of Indonesia. The fund in the 6 prime banks is worth US $ 6.1 trillion in the following accounts:

-          Account Number 5625534534 (BCA),
-          Account Number 9930884433 (Bank Danamon ),
-          Account Number 903988487 (Bank Mandiri),
-          Account Number 2817265352 (BNI),
-          Account Number 23,413,273,663 (BRI),
-          Account Number 2342998377 (Bank Lippo GROUP)

That is according to Safe Keeping Receipt Number: 0126 / BI-SKR / XI / 2012.
BI and OJK being silent in this case indeed have caused unrest in society. They should have announced it to the people that Swissindo's fund has been set aside for the debt settlement of the Indonesian people. Thus the public will get the assurance of the actual news.
After their visit to the police office, Mr. La Ceni Kalean and his team members continued a peace demonstration to BCA and Danamon Banks. In this demo, La Ceni reaffirmed that  UN Swissindo has already repaid all the debts that accrued till February 4th, 2016.
In response to the peace demonstration, the bank managers explained that repayment of the debt shall be made as per the agreement signed by both parties.

Regarding the bank managers mentioned above, La Ceni Kalean justified the statement but he stressed that DBLC was a special case and he requested that the bank managers coordinate with higher levels of banking institution.

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