Sunday, August 21, 2016

UN Swissindo Joins Independence Day Procession in Bangka Belitung

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[Bangka Belitung, August 21st, 2016]
The commemoration of   August 17th the Republic of Indonesia's Independance Day, performed in Bangka Belitung on August 21st, 2016 was spectacular as UN Swissindo participated in the Indonesian Independence Day Procession. The procession was joined by almost governmental  and private institutions including the DBLC team for Bangka Belitung headed by Mr. Iskandar Lalo.

The DBLC team members in red uniforms looked gorgeous and made the procession more convivial. They were all parading in the cars with Swissindo banners attached on  each car. And the rest of the DBLC team members were parading by their motorcycles.
“This is the best opportunity to introduce UN Swissindo to the community of Bangka Belitung.  We don’t want to pass it up. Everyone will be getting together in the parade. We do hope  that dblc document will be spread very quickly, “ said Mr. Iskandar Lalo before the procession started.
At the finish line of the parade, all the participants got together, and Mr. Lalo stepped forward to submit the DBLC document to the committee of Independence day Commemoration.

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