Friday, September 30, 2016

Mass Supplication for Swissindo's Success

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Mass supplication was performed at Bapak's younger sister-in-law domiciled in Lampung. Over 200 invitees, most of whom are from Islamic schools, and the rest of them are Swissindo members.
The supplication started from 20:00 - 22:00 pm West Indonesia Time Zone.

The purpose of the mass suplication was to ask  Almighty Allah to protect October 16th 2016 event at the Supreme Court Office in Jakarta. The more people, especially those who are close to Almighty Allah, the easier the prayer will be heard.

It is highly expected that Swissindo members from other provinces and other countries will do the same.

The acclamation event is drawing in, and more and more Swissindo teams are getting excited and cannot wait for such phenomenal and unforgettable moment. Thousands of us from almost provinces are expected to flood the M.A Office. Honorable Apri said that not all members can enter the hall but upon the acclamation inside the building, the acclamation will be continued at Monas Monument, which is a short distance from M.A office.

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