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UN Swissindo Stages Peace Demonstration at BI office

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Un Swissindo, urged BI to sign an affidavit, UN Swissindo's legality
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 It’s already been the second time that Un Swissindo Team for South Sulawesi has denounced director of BI for South Sulawesi to the local police. The first denunciation was submitted on August 8th, 2016 regarding clarification and confirmation of DBLC document, the process of which has not yet been informed to Un Swissindo. The second denunciation letter was submitted on September 1st, 2016 following BI vice director’s verbal statement saying that UN Swissindo is fraudulent and its documents are false and illegal.
Peace Demonstration on the fourth day was also being staged at BI office on September 1st, 2016 urging BI officials in charge to sign an affidavit, which has already been adequately sealed and should be stamped by BI upon the affidavit signing.

BI high ranking officials In South Sulawesi only responded Swissindo’s demand through media saying that Swissindo is fraudulent and all documents submitted are illegal.

BI high ranking official’s verbal statement in the media has triggered a challenge from UN Swissindo to BI director to legitimate his statement in a form of an adequately sealed and stamped written statement so that it will become an official statement that has legal value as a reference. However, BI director has not responded.

 “Only after the adequately sealed affidavit prepared by un swissindo been signed and stamped by BI director can this problem be resolved. Tell us the truth and no lies, we will stop this demo accordingly” explained Haris Baginda.

Previously, BI director for South Sulawesi, Didi Ariyadi, who was met by UN Swissindo representative who submitted a letter of clarification and verification of DBLC document on Tuesday, August 9th, 2016, admitted that the existence of swissindo was new to him.

Head of National Commission of State Apparatus of the republic of Indonesia, Sjaffry Sjamsuddin who appeared at the demo scene on the fourth day said that Swissindo’s official letter sent to Bi should be responded officially as well.

He admitted that he would support BI director if the official written statement regarding Un Swissindo’s legality is signed in order that the issue can then be resolved.

As regard to Un Swissindo having denounced BI officials to the police, Sjaffry Sjamsuddin also stated that he would urge the police to respond the denunciation letter by taking into account the regulation issued by the State police No.12 Year 2009 re: Supervision and Control of Criminal Cases.
For your information, he added that the regulation mentioned above is set forth under Paragraph 39 Articl 1, which says “In the case of assuring accountability and transparency of investigation, the police shall submit Notice of Investigation Progress to the plaintiff at least once in a month.

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