Wednesday, September 7, 2016

UN Swissindo's Debt Relief Demonstration Leader Asks BI to Sign an Affidavit

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From the  demo on the first through the third day, we haven't got what we want. We will continue  our demonstration tomorrow on Thursday till Friday as per our request for demo submitted to the district police.
We just want to demand that BI answer whether or not our certificate was issued by BI. yes or not BI has to state it in an affidavit with full name, title, signature and stamped by BI. That’ all. We won't stage a demo anymore. we will meet in a court of law. Is it criminal case or civil case?, this will be determined by the court whether the certificate owned by swissindo is legitimate or issued by BI. Verbal statement is not acceptable no matter who made the statement, BI or the police. Well, it's clear  here  that 6 accounts are written  in such banks as Mandiri, BNI,,Bri and private banks, which robbed BI's loan to private banks suffering from liquidity issue):  bca,danamon dan cimb,lippo group. All of these private banks have stolen the liquidity fund according to Harris Baginda, the spokeman.

 If our documents are not true or illegal, state it in a piece of affidavit. He shouldn't have made statements in the media. We will all meet at a court hearing because our country is a lawful state. We also have submitted our documents to the police and also to all parties. If the seal and stamp and signature of the Supreme Court are fake, go and check on it and carry out forensic examination. How come forensic evidence could be found on Jesica's case? You  cannot wear blinkers in this case. Explained Harris.

no matter who did it whether police,head of OJK or head of Piarlement . all issues should go through
the court hearing. . This is a lawful state. The law is the commander-in chief in our country.And those
who don't acknowledge the law of NKRI are considered to have committed a new style of crime related to
the crime done by Communist Party members. This is our beloved country.

Then the Secretary of un swisssindo sulsel said that on Fajar newspaper page 10, it was stated that
swissnod was a swindler. This was stated by tirta segara, a public official. If I may ask who has
swissindo swindled? Who has swissindo caused to suffer from a loss? Has this public official formed a
fact-finding team? this is against presumption of innocence.  The statement in Fajar Newspaper was made
a public official, an executive director of BI - not by a parking attendant or fried banana seller.
Actually, we don't want to stage a demo anymore but since Un Swissindo was accused of being a swindler
here in today's Fajar newspaper, we came back to ask for the responsibility of a public official who made this statement.

Laceni head of DBLc member statements about Mr. Anton, the local police head. if he is gentlemen as Chief of local police, summon me or arrest me if he’s gentleman in order to avoid clashes in the community. If this is fake or not legal, do conduct forensic examination, I challanged him to go to Jakarta together us -- to State Police Headquarter, then we will go  to the Supreme Court office. There we will see who is right who is wrong. All traveling cost said Harris Baginda will be borne by unswissindo South sulawesi. If the Supreme Court  think Swissindo is a swindler, then we will handle the case to International law in Denhaag.
Swissindo is for many countries in the world. Swissindo was initially established by
25 parent countries, as parent banks, parent army and, an official holder of BI's certificates and

world bank, “ added Mr. Laceni.

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