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About Solo Event – Swissindo World Trust International Orbit

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Solo Event
Payment 1 – 11 is not only for Indonesia but for more than 253 countries around the world. Plan that was set to launch Human Obligation Program has experienced obstacles since Aston Event on March 11, 2014. Those who were not patient enough decided to leave thinking  that Mr. Sino only had them on, while still many others have had strong patience to wait and remain obedient.

Solo Event will be the event to inaugurate UN Swissndo Officers, who have been chosen to be entitled to the position that M1 decides.


Grand Acclamation, which was held on October 16th, 2016 at Monas Monument in Jakarta was to let the public know that UN Swissindo was serious and not as bad as bankers and other parties think it to be. Mr. Sino is aware of who has confronted him in the mass media. Yet he remains positive about himself and carries on with the Grand Mission of Swissindo World Trust International Orbit with or without any supports from the Government. There will be no more time to wait. Now UN Swissindo will be moving forward to the Biggest Event in Solo.

Pre Solo Event will be the time to consolidate all officers.  M1 and his Staff will be making all arrangements for this. All, without exception will be informed of it. All will be equal before M1 as all human beings are equal before their God.

Since this is Divine Mission, only God knows when the exact time will be. We can only pray for it in order it will be expedited. The more we are united, the faster it will be, and the more we are divided, the more obscure when it will be held.

Let us be united because that is what the Mission wants us to be and because we cannot wait any longer for  convivial time for us to be together once and for all.

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