Arrival of Imam Mahdi

Imam Mahdi Signs
Imam mahdi signs
According to Wikipedia Indonesia, Imam Mahdi is actually a title as in the title of Khalifah, amrul mukminin and so forth. Imam Mahdi can be translated freely as "A leader who has been given guidance". Imam means "leader", while Mahdi means "a rightly guided man".
Prophet Muhammad described "Imam Mahdi" as a person who has broad forehead, and long sharp nose and he is a descendant of Muhammad's grandson.

His appearance was not intended by him but destined by God. Even he himself was not aware of his status as Imam Mahdi.

Arrival of Imam Mahdi will be preceded by the following signs as mentioned in Al Hadist:
There will be a lot of Disputes among people (I think we can see so many disputes among people right now.), and a lot of earthquakes occur. Ka'bah will be attached by a troop but the middle part of the troop were swallowed into the earth. A person will be inaugurated between Ibrahim's grave and a corner of Ka'bah. A troop from Syam will come to Ka'bah to chase a man who is protected by God

Those are Imam Mahdi signs. However there is still a big sign not mentioned yet. According to Wisnu Sasongko, an author of a book called “Armageddon”, there will be time when the earth will be attacked by two huge meteors. The attack will cause all electricity-powered objects to be out of function and the entire earth will be dark for 40 days (due to black dust flying around as a result of  meteor’s attack). During this 40-day darkness, many people will suffer from dangerous diseases. And after this 40-day darkness, there will be no more electricity. People will be back to the period when  there was no electricity like today.

Are there any  relations to Swissindo's  Imam Mahdi?

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