Health Benefit of Purple Yam

benefits of yams for heart attack, stroke an so on
Purple yam or possible sweet potatoes are found in abundance in Indonesia, especially in West Java. In addition to its price being affordability of most people, the fruit is very tasty when boiled and has health benefit of yam, which most people are not aware of.

Purple yams are said to have come from tropical South America but some claimed it came from Papua, which was later debatable as Indian people was believed to have travel to the west through Atlantic Ocean and arrived in Asia to develop purple yams.

According to Alodokter (Halo Doctor), one of the website that informs people of any benefits of fruit that this purple yam has health benefit for curing or preventing cancer, lowering one’s blood pressure, and and has benefits of yams for weight loss. It is rich in antioxidant such as anthocyanin, 

Carotenoids, and phenolic acid. Aladokter states that such antioxidant has the capability to reduce chronic inflammation, which is related to such diseases as stroke and heart attack. Its high chlorogenic acid contained in purple yams can also lower high blood pressure. So, those having high blood pressure are recommended to consume this delicious purple yam. The easiest thing to do is to boil it in water until the pulp gets soft.

It is also believed that one can have the maximum benefit of yam when one eats it with its skin. Of course, one should make sure that the yam should be well cleaned before boiling it.
What is the most important here that anyone needs to know is that the purple yam also contain high chemical compounds of phenol that can prevent aging. Wow!

In Indonesia, this kind of fruit may be overlooked and considered as village fruit and consumed by those who have low income. Most rich people prefer imported fruit such as apples, grapes and so on. In West Java you will find fruit sellers along the road connecting Bogor to Sukabumi.

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