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Off Script Acclamation Speech By M1 King of Kings Dated October 16th, 2016

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[Exploring-lampung] - October 20th, 2016 -
The acclamation speech delivered by M1 King of Kings consisted of 2 parts: the first speech was deliverd by virue of prepared text that he read out and the second one was made without the text. It was quite lengthy and his speech was welcome with the yelling of "Merdeka, Aminn, and the Greatest Almighty God....!!!" at the end of a sentence or sentences that moved the heart of the supporters.

Here is the transcribed speech. A few words or phrases were not heard due to the yelling. However, you will get the main idea of this second part of the speech.

Through new monetary system, through the transfer of banking system, I hereby state firmly to you all that we are here to follow up the dynamics of change in Pancasila economy. We are standing here because of the government burden, people's burden, institution's burden and of all moral burden of the past.
Give trust to the people, then there will be a sense of matchless love [Yelling: Amiin...]. I'd like to convey my sincere thanks to the government of the last 70 years have chosen indonesian people with all her effort. We are obliged to respect and understand each other that all these have regard to the origin of NKRI Agreement, the origin of the relationship of religious communities and origin of Kingdom of God Sky Earth. Under the Almighty God's blessings, motion and duty of all names given birth on the earth, I hereby inform also that Electronic Citizen Card with all its power has the value of US$ 6 million dollars [Yelling: Amiin!!! Merdekaa!!!]. That's because of you having been born with more value than that, which has so far run after you - that's the world temptation.
To all officers of this country, I submit my deepest thank. The government with its ability and limitation deserves our forgiveness. Live and unite in harmony; that's what has been the wish of 148 kingdoms on the earth of Nusantara today, I inform once again to 34 provinces of my promise that I will return to you. So, today you are Council [Aminnn!!!! Merdekaaa...!!!].
In this garden...why are we here in the garden? I call you all as the garden of the king. If you are disturbed, the creator is also disturbed. With drops of tear and under the sun heat, and
the sky above are witnessing the new dynasty, through this forum, to be submitted to the relevant
parties who are listening or not, directly or indirectly. This is absolutely total revolution of human mentality; especially in regard to the nation and her today you are all freed of debt burden [Amiinnn...Greatest Almighty God...Merdekaa!!!].
The gift from the purest, the richest Almighty God has not been delivered; therefore those who obstruct
this Mission are clearly the enemy of the nation or referred to as Genuine members ofCommunist Party. I hereby inform all soldiers to enter the contingent of the Eagle of Indonesia as the backbone and ribs of the people. I thank the Almighty God, the parents and ancestors, whose names have played roles in creating this country.

Save this's been in the process of earth-destroying path. Cease the approaching third World War....that can only be done in our Way [Yelling: Merdeka....merdeka.....the Gratest Almight God...!!!] I understand what is happening. Abandon the past. Live in full harmony. With this harmony in your way, you will execute the next endeavor...Today I expect all human beings with their wide and open heart to look up to the sky....You will know what is inside it as you know what is inside your heart...You can hear the bluster...calling you with or without impression; so you will know how you will wander.
I watched the presidential speech dated Augusts 16th, 2016 attentively...I cried. We are all obliged to help....leave behind all the seeds of hatred and mockery....This nation is not a stupid one!! . Look at the beauty of Prambanan Temple....Borobudur Temple. They are still standing magnificently. Isn't that enough to make you believe your ancestors were great people? You should know that your brothers and sisters include those in 5 Continents. You aren't aware of that, not even aware of your God.
This land is the Promised Land, where this monument has been recorded. It is clearly a symbol of agreement where 153 are plastered. Today, leave behind all conflicts, which are trivial related to forms of provocation. I confess I am are right....the government is not to be blamed...I am the one to be blamed. If you disregard this, there are only 2 choices – world hell or world heaven [Yelling: Heaven on earth..!!!]. I will open the door of hell but I allow you to enter the heaven [Yelling: Amiinn...Merdeka..!!!]. You shall all live with beautiful families. You will not live in debt!! [Yelling: amiiinn...!!]. This message is akin to Fatwa. I am standing here simply and solely to convey the sole mandate....mandate to the world. I am also aware that there are government officers around here, so I'd like to knock the doors of your hearts by calling your names. Allow the people to live peacefully. I am responsible for Bank of Indonesia, UBS, the World Bank, to say nothing of NKRI.
You are all here representing 7.5 billion people around the world. You are representing your God. You all have made new are playing more important roles than any professors are. You are all being called your your soul will be RISING...!!!!!!! [Yelling: Aminnn....Merdeka...!!!!]. Unite your brothers and sisters living in the slums. Guide them to live healthily and decently. Let's live peacefully before the doom day approaches. Give back the people's right. Please all banking institutions...don't create any provocation whatsoever that will hurt people's feeling.
This message is the same as Fatwa, this acclamation is akin to the offerings to God. I am informing what I have to inform you of the truth in His Light. We shall respect all founders of the country; respect dynamics of change in interrelation of countries...the matters of global diplomacy. Today, it is re-planned to straighten up and repeal the slavery system [Yelling: Merdeka....Amiinnn...!!!]. DBLC is valid not only here in Indonesia as the world lighthouse but the world as well.
With the Blessing of the Holiest God, I inform you of the PALAPA Oath as a follow up of the past.
Please send my sincere respect to relevant parties. Our gathering here today is to bring what is intended. Therefore, to all parents who are now listening with their hearts. Today, I am back again to Jakarta. Those living on the hills, inside the cave or even those buried in the graves are smiling
welcoming the changes that are to start from NKRI....To all Mass Media, I appreciate whatever efforts
you made, which will make you stand firmly like hoisted red and white flags. Red doesn't only mean bravery but it also means soul purifying the soul of human beings on earth as the form of responsibility of the history resonance  from all churches, mosques, temples and so on. God's verses of holy books will guard our way forward. Today, I am healing the heart of the people filled with hatred due to imprisonment that has made them become haters. I accept that for and on behalf of the fluttering red and white flag to say Yes or No at all!!!
Send my respect to your ancestors in 34 provinces. I am carrying this Divine Mission for Humanity without fear. Thank you, on this day, the sun is shining witnessing us. Tomorrow the sun shall send down its bright light on us. The Eagle of Red and White is sending its respect - Maha Kuwasa Panata Baca Jagad Araya Dalang Anyata. That' the content of your 20 fingers built in you, which you cannot create not even a strand of hair. Give to all people their right to live in abundance, enjoy welfare because they have right as the heirs of the inheritance. Thank you. Good afternoon.

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