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Post-Grand Acclamation Derives Favorable and Unfavorable Comments

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Post-Grand Acclamation Derives Favorable and Unfavorable comments
[Exploring-lampung] [25-10-16] - The post-Grand Acclamation of Debt Relief and Voucher M1 Distribution Programs conducted in Monas Monument in Jakarta has drawn various comments from the public, a few of which are against Swissindo world Trust International Orbit, while many of which are in for the Mission.

H.Supiyardi S,Pd.I,M.Si as President of Micro Business and Indonesian Farmer Group (KUKMI) took part in addressing the joint agreement and important notification from UN SWISSINDO to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia in regard to the Greatest Agenda for World Acquisition and total global system change processes, which is to start from Indonesia as realization and manifestation of noble ideals of the State and Nation Founders.
Post-Grand Acclamation Derives Favorable and Unfavorable  Comments
According to Supriyadi as an economic agent, he has fully supported UN Swissindo Programs contained in the Mandate of Pancasila, 1945 Constitution, and United Nations Declaration to create a fair, abundant, and prosperous world community living safe and peaceful lives.
He was quoted as saying that the government should have supported the UN Swissindo’s Mission to manifest the people’s welfare. He also gave his appreciation to the Parties who assisted in the Humanity Mission, in which Indonesia has been appointed as the World Lighthouse by 25 Parent Countries. “The Government should have truly prioritized national interest,” he added.
Meanwhile, OJK and BI keep urging Swissindo to prove how UN Swissindo had repaid all the debt of Indonesia people. They were reported to have challenged Swissindo to prove that all the debt has been repaid in full. They forgot or were not aware that Swissindo’s Advocate also challenged BI or OJK to prove if all Swissindo’s documents were fraudulent or fake. According to the advocate, Swissindo World Trust International Orbit is ready to face any lawsuits filed by any parties who are against it.
Post-Grand Acclamation Derives Favorable and Unfavorable  Comments
So far there has been no legal statement issued by the Government to prohibit UN Swissindo from conducting its activities nor has there been any indication that UN Swissindo is one of the illegal organizations strongly prohibited by the Government. So, it is clear that the Grand Acclamation held in Monas attended by over 10,000 participants is evidence that Swissindo is a legitimate world organization with humanitarian Mission. The Government would not have allowed Swissindo to convey its Mission since its first emergence in 2009. If Swissindo were against the Government, the State Intelligent Agency would not have turned its blind eyes to it for so long.
With regard to such national mass media as MetroTV, RCTI, RCTV,  and TVONE to name but a few, do not seem to have no guts to cover any significant events Swissindo ever held. The Grand Acclamation was the most spectacular one none of the above mentioned mass media ever touched on. There should be no allegations as to their being silent. Time will reveal government’s seemingly uncooperative reaction and the silence of the mass media. Behind the screen coordination might have taken place, so let us just hope for the best to turn up.


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