Sunda Strait Bridge Plan – Bridge Construction Under Venus Project?

Sunda Strait Bridge Plan – Bridge Construction

Sunda Strait Bridge with Venus Project
When Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was still in office, the plan to construct a Sunda Straight Bridge was seriously discussed among relevant parties. Even the budget for feasibility study was said to have been prepared and the construction period was targeted to start from 2015 to 2025. 2015 has elapsed and nothing seems to have happened. Various reasons were mentioned in regard to why this huge plan to build Sunda Strait Bridge was finally opted out.

Sunda Straight Bridge Construction Cost
During Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s presidential period, the construction cost was estimated to be 160 trillion IDR, which was alarmingly costly according to Ms Hadiyanta W Husaini, Director General of Roads of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing. With 200 trillion IDR the Government will be able to construct many other projects, which are considered to be more feasible and perhaps less risky.

President Joko Widodo, about a month after his inauguration as President stated that Sunda Strait Bridge Plan was not in line with his maritime-based development vision. He would prefer using the fund for other purposes such improving port facilities or adding more ships. The 160 trillion IDR budget was planned to be financed from foreign loan and local loan. Even at the initial plan stage, the targeted contractor was still debatable.

If the plan to construct a 27-km Sunda Strait Bridge could be tangible, a lot of investors would be interested in taking part in the project.  

If we look back at the previous President’s vision of planning to construct a costly 27-km Sunda Strait Bridge, it was clearly mentioned that Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono wanted to accelerate and expand Indonesia’s economic development, which he formulated. The discussion in regard to this plan was held in his cabinet meeting s but nothing more solid happened as diversity of opinions among his ministers (especially in regard to who would be the main contractor and where the source of fund would be).

Until now the Sunda Strait Bridge Construction Project still remains untouched and left in limbo. With the current financial condition, the plan will possibly be much too far to be reached.
The news about Swissindo World Trust International Orbit having repaid the Government ‘s debt and the people’s debt has been disseminated, and related to the fund transferred to the Government by Swissindo World Trust International Orbit, the Government will no doubt be able to resume the plan to construct Sunda Strait Bridge hands down.  Or will UN Swissindo take over and continue with the Master Plan formulated by the previous president? With the National Debt already repaid in full by Swissindo International Orbit, this huge dream plan would be a piece of cake. Under the Venus Project, Sunda Strait Bridge will be a trivial financial issue. Let us hope that what has been discussed behind the screen will reveal the truth. The 16th of October 2016 Grand Acclamation should immediately be followed up by UN Swissindo. The follow-up actions may be in the form of coordination with the Government in regard to the confirmation of the Country and the people’s debt having been paid and official acceptance of such debt repayment. Having regard to this matter, it is hoped that there will be no more confronting and dividing public opinion on Swissindo World Trust International Orbit.



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