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Swissindo International: Mr. Sino's Response

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How people reacted after swissindo international's Grand Acclamation

Swissindo International: Mr. Sino's response
With Grand Acclamation having been accomplished witnessed by the public, willy-nilly, the message should be followed up and adhered to by the relevant parties, inter alia, the Government and financial institutions. Meanwhile, the activity of UN Swissindo International based in Caraka is still carried out and not affected despite the closing of an alleged office of Swissindo in Sragen and Majalengka District having been closed.

one of the rented houses at Caraka Housing Complex is used to receive guests. The house is where UN Swissindo's activities are carried out and always filled with many people coming from many parts of Provinces like Pontianak, Banjarmasin, Makasar, Lampung, Bangka Belitung, Palembang, and also from many parts of Java.

 Mr Sino’s home is only about 50 meters from this rented house.
Although Swissindo International's activity has so far been rumored to be fraudulent as it offers people that it can repay people's debt, more and more people still come and visit him in order that their debt can be liberated. He said that DBLC was to be launched in the near future for the welfare fo all people in the world. He also explained that the closing of a UN Swissindo International's office in Majalengka was due to certain parties being against UN Swissindo International. To his astonishment, there are still others who do not like him. "Never in my life have I insulted or harmed anyone. I am here to help people free their debt. I am very concerned that there are some people who were in debt till they died," he told the reporter from

He said that Swissindo International’s Grand Acclamation onOctober 16th at Monas Monument was successfully conducted and what has been stated shall be adhered to by the Government, banking institutions or other relevant parties.


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