Friday, October 28, 2016

Swissindo International Orbit: Imam Mahdi?

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Mr. Sino and Swissindo Indonesia
Post Grand Acclamation held on October 16, 2016 derived various comments, one of which alleged that Swissindo World Trust International Orbit was connected a mission to convert people's belief. According to Joko, one of Crown Council of UN Swissindo, Swissindo Mission has nothing to do with any religious activities. "As you know UN GSE's main Mission is to create abundance and welfare for people around the world, to help countries overcome financial crisis and to construct the Universe with Venus Project. All of these are implementations of Payment 1-11," he explained. 

Joko - Crown Council
"DBLC is the first phase of the implementation of P 1-11 and will be followed by Human Obligation, by which the people will receive monthly basic income of US$1,200 per adult and US$600 per student (aged over 17 years)," he added.

The name of Imam Mahdi mostly  found in Swissindo’s documents has also raised questions whether it be connected Imam Mahdi, who, according to,  will come  before the Judgment Day destroys the earth and he will lead Islam believers  out of the dark and tyranny and bring them all into the light of justice and honesty, which will shed light on the universe.

Joko as a member of Crown Council of Swissindo explained that Imam Mahdi within Swissindo World International Trust refers to Banking System or Bank Account and has nothing to do with Imam Mahdi explained in  above. Mr. Joko appealed to the public not to draw a conclusion too quickly by virtue of any names used in Swissindo's document.

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