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Swissindo Payment 1-11: will it be rolled out at the end of this month?

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Swissindo payment 1-11
The high ranking officials of UN Swissindo is now doing the best they can to negotiate with banking officers in Indonesia in regard to the release of Debt Burden Liberation Certificate issued by Un Swissindo on February 6th, 2016 and realization of Swissindo payment 1-11. The news come from Swissindo facebook page and some other DBLC members’ facebook status. “Hopefull at the end of this month everything will be safely settled,” said a few of  Swissindo members in Indonesia Menuju Mecusuar Dunia facebook page.

Swissindo payment 1-11
There are still those who are Swissindo’s haters criticizing and mocking at what has been done so far but those ill-wishing words have only gone in one ear and out the other, especially M1 has never listened to any criticism thrown at him. This is the best quality that M1 has as the King of Kings.
Many supporters and also members of Un Swissindo in Indonesia who have KTAs (Swissindo ID Cards) believe that Human Obligation or Swissindo payment 1-11 will soon be rolled out and Voucher M1 for members and delegates will also soon be paid. We are still awaiting Official Announcement in regard to the news.

Swissindo payment 1-11
One of allegations against Swissindo, that is still attacked with by the haters including OJK and BI  is that related to legitimacy of its legal status. They keep saying that Swissindo’s documents and certificates are fraudulent and fake. In response to the allegation, one of DBLC team members named Soe Swissindo Kepri said in his fb status as follows: “If those documents werefraudulent, Mr. Sino would have been under arrest, and Swissindo would of course have been disbanded and all its members would have been interrogated……” Nothing happened. No reports have been submitted to the police by the haters. For your information Swissindo started to be online in 2009, and since then on Swissindo officials had always visited Bank of Indonesia to find out all those certificates. Another thing that strengthened the belief that Swissindo is legitimate is that the Grand Acclamation would not have happened in Monas Monument in Jakarta, Indonesia as Indonesia’s Intelligence Agent members or State Intelligence Agency would have reported it to the President to stop the Grand Acclamation.

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