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The 16th October Event

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[16-10-2106]- Exploring-lampung -

Invited Ambassadors were attending
I started off my journey from West Jaya, which took me about 2 hours. At the beginning, I thought I wouldn't have the opportunity to attend this spectacular event due to my illness. My worry was that my stomach would ache during my travel there. But then, I tried hard and plucked up my courage and decided to be there. I know I would be late but I said to myself it's better late than never. On the bus to get there I rang up one of my friends if the schedule was still according to plan. He told me the event  was finally changed to take place outside the Presidential palace not far from M.A. office building.

I was dropped off at about 300 meters from the location. I ran to the location and arrived just 6 minutes before the speech was over. I took out my phone to film the event. To my disappointment, the battery was about to die just before I took a shot. No camera or phone didn't stop me fromn trying to remember the details of the event. I asked questions to the supporters about what M1 was speaking obout. Here is a bit of the story.

The President was not present at the event although he was officially invitied. There was no clear information for his not being there. UGSE, as has always been stated, will go on. M1 has always wished to "hug" the government as a token of his respect as he himself is one of the citizens of the Repeblic of Indonesia.

As you can see the photos here that M1 with the Task Force Team protecting him started to give his long-awaited speech.
"In regard to the banks, it is my responsibility to take care of it, to say nothing of the NKRI," he said.
He added that DBLC is not only for Indonesisn people; it will be applied to citizens of the world countries.
Finally, the event took place at Monas Monument Jakarta. With over 10 thousand supporters coming from almost provinces of Indonesia, M1announced the Grand Acclamation.
The event, which was scheduled to take place at M.A. building, was changed due to this huge number of supporters.

The event started at 11:00 am at West Indonesian Time Zone and finished at around 12:35 p.m. The huge gathering of supporters were still there at Monas Monument although M1 and his staff left the area. A lot of discussion happened among supporters regarding the event. Many felt overwhelmingly happy as they could see M1 in person, and a few others looked rather gloomy. They might have expected the President to be there.


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