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The Grand Acclamation was successfully completed

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Grand Acclamation
Swissindo Mission: The Show Must Go on

Swissindo has clearly mentioned that it has Grand Humanity Mission – to eradicate poverty by distributing the inheritance to all people in 253 countries in the world. If we look at the articles about UN Swissindo you see nothing else but Humanity Mission referred to as Human Obligation. This is the priority above any other such targets as freeing the countries of their debt and implementing Venus Project, which will build facilities and infrastructures around the globe.

The Grand Acclamation held in Monas Monument in Jakarta, Indonesia was its first public announcement to the people of Indonesia coming from 34 provinces. It was initially planned that the acclamation would be witnessed by the President of Indonesia and Head of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia but  deadlock and red tape had made the process a little delayed. As M1 has always said that with or without government authority, the show must go on.

Representatives of Provincial DBLC team members had already gathered in Residential Caraka where M1 lives. The sudden change of the venue did not surprise them as the night before a decision had to be made in regard to the venue of the Grand Acclamation. Without changing the order of predetermined Acclamation Activity, all were set exactly according to plan except the venue, which was initially set to be at the office of M.A.

The Changed venue and non-attendance of President of the Republic of Indonesia and Head of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia did not at all dishearten all DBLC teams from 34 provinces and supporters. Their yelling of Merdeka!!! Amen!! And Great Almighty Allah echoed throughout Monas Monument area when M1 was giving a speech of Great Acclamation. And also they returned home after attending the Grand Acclamation, their spirit has risen and intend to work harder for the success of Swissindo Mission. They also realized that to achieve the mission, they have to face those who are against Swissindo Mission.

 “We are already in the middle of our effort. It’s too late to stop. So, we are determined to resume until this Grand Mission is achieved for the good of the people. For us all,” said one of DBLC team members.

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