Tuesday, October 18, 2016

TVRI Coverage - Grand Acclamation

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Exploring-Lampung [19-10-2016] - Arrangement with Television of the Republic of Indonesia was made for M1 to convey the Grand Acclamation through Television media. Accompanied by UN Swissindo’s World Finance and Banking Prime Minister and World Military Prime Minister, M1 conveyed the most principal purpose of the Acclamation. The following is the translation of the TV footage:
Indonesia has experienced prolonged crisis in order not to be in arrears in her debt payment. However, the government's seriousness in paying the debt +interest should be taken into account by the creditors to lighten government's debt burden.
Various all-out efforts are still being made by Indonesia to pay her foreign debt to IMF or other world bankers. Selling asset of Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency, privatizing some of state-owned companies and selling Government's obligation and securities still have to be done by the government.
One of World Organization - UN Swissindo - says that Indonesia actually has more than enough fund to repay all her people's debt. Repayment of Government's Debt can also be done through cooperation with funding institutions.
"Grand Acclamation we did was not only for Indonesia. Indonesia encompasses not only from Sabang to Maureka but Indonesia belongs to the world as well. The principal matter we conveyed in our acclamation was to free people's debt," stated M1.
by involving people from all walks of life working together to build the nation , Indonesia's economy is expected to improve so that it will be to resolve the country's debt as soon as possible

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