Monday, November 7, 2016

Ahok Ready To be Jailed

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Al Maidah 51 Ahok
Ahok Ready To be Jailed
The non active Governor of Jakarta Ahok (Basuki T Purama) made statements several days after the anti-Ahok rally that if the statement I made in Pulau Seribu touching on Al Maidah 51 of the Holy Quran would only cause the disunity of the NKRI, I wouldn’t mind being sentenced to imprisonment. However, I won’t be willing to be jailed due to him being slandered by virtue of the video edited by Buni Yani, who also had the edited video disseminated to many people.

Despite his current situation, Ahok would not withdraw as one of the Jakarta Governor candidates for the next five years. “If I withdraw this would mean me being jailed as well,” he said.

Ahok said he had requested from the bottom of his heart all Muslims that his apology be accepted. Apart from this, he also mentioned that Buni Yani had admitted having edited the video by omitting a word “using”. The original sentence was “...dibohongi pake Al Maidah 51”. With the omission of “pake”, the sentence became “…dibohongi Almaidah 51”, the meaning of which was significantly changed.

As regard to the rally conducted on November 4th, 2016, he touched on the litter dropped on the location by the rally participants. “The litter weighed almost 71 tons. This shouldn’t have happened,” he said. He also expressed concern to those who suffered as a result of the anarchic rally opposite the presidential palace.  The plundering of shops, minimarkets, and food stalls also occurred outside of Batang, Penjaringan and North Jakarta. He regretted the plundering had occurred.

Basuki T Purnama (Ahok) believed that the riot in Penjaringan had nothing to do with the alleged blasphemy case (Al Maidah 51). He agreed to the statement made by President Joko Widodo that the anti-Ahok rally was probably moved by political actor(s) behind it.


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