Anti-Ahok Rally Staged Peacefully


Anti-Ahok Rally is expected to run peacefully
Lampung - As regard to the approaching anti-ahok rally or demo on November the 4th, 2016 staged by Islamic Community Organization, which claimed to be under the umbrella of Movement of Indonesian Ulema Council Edict Supporters (GNPF-MUI),  President Joko Widodo has invited  about 30 Islamic leaders and such other high ranking officials as Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Wiranto, Minister for Religious Affairs  Lukman Hakim Saifuddin and State Secretary Pratikno to the Presidential Palace to further discuss  the best expectation of November 4th Demo.
 The large-scale Anti-Ahok Rally or  demo was in response to the alleged defamation of religion mady by Basuki T Purnama (Ahok) – now non-active Governor of Jakarta. The effect of the November 4th 2016 anti-Ahok rally may be staggering not only political stability but solid inter-religion relationship as well.
The main purpose of President Jokowi inviting the said religious leaders was:
1.        To strengthen hospitality between the government and the Islamic Leaders of Indonesia. “This peace-filled, heartwarming advice has been expected by all Ismalic leaders,” said the president;
2.       To expect the Islamic leaders to take a firm stand that Indonesia and Islam cannot be disputed;
3.       To request the Islamic leaders to jointly safeguard the country in order to be stronger and solidly united
4.       To tell the religious leaders that he will not interfere with Ahok's case in regard to his remark on Surah Al Maidah Verse  51. Should this remain unsettled, he is willing to lend a hand himself
The religious leaders after the meeting have all agreed that the demo on November 4th, 2016 will be in accordance with the prescribed regulation. They guarantee that during anti-Ahok rally  there will be no anarchy. The demonstrators are also warned not to be provoked when unwanted things crop up. The demo should be staged politely and peacefully. They have to avoid destruction and provocation Those violating the regulation and dividing this nation shall be given no tolerance.



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