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Fatih Seferagic In Indonesia: Heaven On Earth Tour

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Fatih Seferagic In Indonesia: Heaven On Earth Tour
Fatih Seferagic In Indonesia: Heaven On Earth Tour

Fatih Seferagic, 21 years of age, a Moslem, Al Quran Reciter and a Bosnian descent, has been worldwide popular due to his ability to recite all contents of Al Quran, Islamic Holy Quran, that all Moslems should read and understand and believe in. Not only is his ability to recite the Holy Quran melodiously without reading it but his cute face has also amazed the world population, especially  world Islamic believers. As he is a US Citizen, who moved to America at the age of 4 and lives in Houston, Texas, USA should be proud of having him. He is an Asset to the country in my opinion.

His 10-day visit to Indonesia in November 2016, which he called “Heaven On Earth Tour”, has been highly expected by all Moslems in Indonesia. He arrived in Jakarta and had the opportunity to perform the Friday Prayer in the famous National Istiqlal Mosque located in the heart of Jakarata. During the Friday Prayer he chose to be at the first row closest to the Imam of prayer. He was offered to lead the Friday Prayer but he preferred as one of the Friday Prayer congregations.

According to his Instagram, he is to visit 10 cities of Indonesia to meet the Moslem communities. Mosques can be the venues to meet them all.

Indonesia as the country with the Islamic most population should learn something from Fatih Seferagic. Can young people of Indonesia become like him? Moslems of Indonesia, especially young people, should use this opportunity to learn something in regard to Quran Reciting, not because he is handsome but his ability to remember all Surahs of the Quran.

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