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Compiled State Treasury
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Compiled State Treasury Balance Sheet
The Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani once said that the Government of the Republic of Indonesia had had no State Treasury Balance Sheet. Ideally with State Audit Board (BPK), Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) and Inspectorate General, the Government not having State Treasury Balance Sheet should not have happened.

Supervisory Board for Finance and Development (BPKP) has the duty In accordance with Article 2 and 3 of Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia  No. 192 of 2014 Concerning the Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP). BPKP has the task and function of dealing with the National/Regional government affairs in finance and development supervision.

In regard to the matter addressed by Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia that the State still has no Treasury Balance Sheet, the Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) should have reacted to such statement as the Government having Treasury Balance Sheet is probably one of BPKP’s functions. So, the fact that the Government has had no Treasury Balance Sheet should have attracted the attention of BPKP as the Supervisory Agency. Or the Minister of Finance might have summoned Head of the Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) to discuss the matter.

I believe BPKP has done the best it can to carry out all of its tasks and functions to assist the Government. It is highly expected that the Government will immediately have its Treasury Balance Sheet although at the initial stage of compiled Treasury Balance Sheet still receives Disclaimer Opinion from the State Audit Board (BPK), whose task is to audit all governmental institutions at all levels.

Provincial Governments’ financial reports (fixed asset contained therein) are audited yearly and the audit result is submitted to the Government. Then, it is not altogether true that the State has no Treasury Balance Sheet. Or what the Minister of Finance meant by saying “Negara tidak punya neraca kekayaan” is something different?

Meanwhile in the current economic condition, the Government has carried out austerity measures considering the fact that its budgetary condition has been on the hot seat. This might explain the reason why Sri Mulyani has been called back to assist the Government to stabilize the Government’s economic growth.


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