Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Un Swissindo International Orbit: We Are Legitimate

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Un Swissindo
UN Swissindo Denies being labeled Illegal
Batuampar – Un Swissindo denied being labeled as an illegal organization. The allegation was made by OJK of Kepri, which stated publicly that UN Swissindo International Orbit was an illegal institution.
Un Swissindo Officer for Kepri, Mr. Yadhie Hanifah, explained that  Un Swissindo had a very long story spread worldwide. He said Swissindo’s document was complete and what OJK stated was not true.
“We never urged people to stop paying their debt. We just told the people that their debt had been repaid in full by Un Swissndo International Orbit.” He explained.
As Swissindo officers, we never demand any payment from the people. We have been working for Swissindo as volunteers for the sake of the people. We are happy if all of the people are freed from their debt.
Meanwhile, Swissindo’s Advocate, relative to Ibnu Fatihah who is still being arrested, provided the following information:
Certificates of Bank of Indonesia used by Un-Swissindo are still being talked about in the communities, especially in provinces where DBLC has been widespread. It is said that BI Certificates used by Un-Swissindo International Orbit are fraudulent or fake and used to attract people to follow Un-Swissindo's debt free program with the purpose of gaining personal benefit. Those attracted by the offer will be charged some amount of money. These are what have been alleged to Un-Swissindo International Orbit.
For such programs, Acclamation has been executed by Immam Mahdi Big Top Royual K.681, King of King’s HM.MR.A1. Sino AS.S&2&.IR. Soegihartonotonegoro. ST as the Great President of United Nations Organization concerning DBLC for all Indonesian people and distribution of Voucher M1 US$ 1.200 / Citizen Card at Monas National Monument on October 16th, 2016 attended by thousands of participants from various provinces throughout Indonesia, representatives from embassy offices and the event was guarded by Multinational Task Force and covered by Television of the Republic of Indonesia and Radio of the Republic of Indonesia so that the legal application shall bind all parties because it fulfills formal requirements of publicity and material requirements.
On the certificate, Un-Swissindo’s  stamp and logo were entered  so were signatures of  Darmin Nasution and Mulyaman Hadad, who are still serving as Chairman of Board of Commissioners of Finance Service Authority of the Republic of Indonesia.
Central Bank of Indonesia in Jakarta has not confirmed in regard to the certificate declared to be fake and fraudulent in the case of DBLC team leader in Samarinda, East Kalimantan. Refutation against the false signatures of Darmin Nasution and Mulyaman Hadad printed thereon has not been confirmed either. However, the party who used the certificate was accused to have committed DECEPTION and or FORGERY OF THE CERTIFICATE.

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