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Un Swissindo International Orbit: It is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand

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TVRI Coverage
Not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Everything takes perseverance. For that reason since 2009 Swissindo  has made all-out efforts to fight hard for the benefit of the people so that proclaimed humanity mission can be realized. In Swissindo we are informed of its main programs, ie P1-11, which includes repayment of the people’s debt, M1 Master Bond payment voucher, Country’s Debt Repayment, Printing of Estwo Currency and implementation of the Venus Project. Everything, which has been compiled since 2009, has carefully been taken into account , despite all obstacles, Swissindo still continues to introduce these programs, which was started by making confirmation to the relevant agencies with regard to the amount of funds invested in Bank Indonesia in the form Collateral Account. Collateral Account is listed as "off the ledger" which means that it is not included in the Balance Sheet / monthly and annual financial statements. If any banks say that there is no money in the bank  belongin to swissindo they see it from the side of the financial statements rather than collateral account list.

Results of the audit carried out by  the World Bank stated that US $ 6.1 trillion was listed in the form of collateral account in the bank. Why it seems  that the government does not respond, yes because it involves all countries. A lot of things need to be calculated carefully. In other words, the government has responded, but still it cannot be announced until everything is clear, protected and safe for all. Most Banking sectors seem unaware of what  Swissindo is. Therefore, socialization and coordination of all parties are required.

Nothing is hidden by Swissindo. All have been presented in a transparent manner and M1 are ready to serve anyone who comes to his place to explain what Swissindo is. Why the debt  is repaid up to 2 billion rupiah is based on careful considerations and calculations. There is no favoritism. Those not having any debt will be eligible for $ 2 billion rupiahs. Some people were asking where the money was from.  Well this can only be explained by M1, Mr.Sino. He will be sleepless ready to explain about swissindo.

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