Friday, December 16, 2016

UN Swissindo's Advocate: "Don't Hurt the People."

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Yunasril Yuzar, despite opposition from BI and OJK, has tirelessly done the best he can to promote and stand up for UN Swissindo. He is always at the front line to face any challenges or storms of verbal attacks aimed at him.

In Jakarta, the Capital City of Indonesia, BI and OJK have said nothing negative about Un Swissindo. There have been no efforts made by them to file lawsuits against Swissindo despite the fact opposition from local BI and OJK are increasingly intensified. This has lead to questions why there is no coordination between Central BI and Local BI? Why is the statement or allegation against Swissindo made by local BI and OJK not communicated with the central offices?

The following is statement made by UN Swissindo’s Advocate, Yunasril Yuzar  in regard to what BI and OJK at the provincial level said about Swissindo’s activities.

“Don't provoke controversy surrounding un swissindo's legal status by issuing statement that swissindo is illegal. Don't make use of the police who don't seem to understand Swissindo to intimidate and terrorize the people. The people of Indonesia are fighting for themselves, even for National Army, Police, employees of Government, private owned companies and for their country in order to be freed from the neck-strangling debt and receive M1 voucher worth US$600 - 1,200 - 1,200,000.
Instead of being supported, the people have been blamed, scared off to death, terrorized.
Swissindo has clearly publicized this Noble Program. Stop hurting the people.
We challenge you to announce to the public in regard to the fund worth US$6.1 trillion. Is it still available? We have Audit Result carried out by the World Bank ASBLP No.0330/2012.We also have in our custody Safe Keeping Receipt of Bank Indonesia No.0126/BI-SKR/XI/2012.

It's high time we reconciled and prepared an Agenda to meet with UN Swissindo. Let's open it up before the Public eyes. It is high time the people became Kings in the country of their birth place.”

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