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UN Swissindo's Advocate: The Sources of Law

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Swissindo Advocate
Sources of Law in the sense of material shall be referred to as belief of individual law and public opinion that determines the essence of law. Therefore the belief of individual law (as members of societies) as well as public opinion constitutes factors that can influence the formation of law.

2. While formal sources of law shall be referred to as form or fact, where we can find applicable law. It is the form of law that makes the law generally accepted, acknowledged and adhered to.
The sources of Law in the formal sense includes:
1)     Act
2)     Convention
3)     Jurisprudence
4)     Treaties
5)     Doctrine

Convention or unwritten Law refers to all regulation, which is not established by government but is adhered to by the people as they believe it to be valid and accepted as law. In order that the convention has applicable power and becomes source of law, then the following requirements shall be met:
·         There should be actions or certain actions that are repeatedly conducted for the same matter and followed by people/public.
·         There should be legal conviction of the people/groups concerned in the sense that there should be conviction that regulations created by convention contains such good and reasonable matters to be adhered to as well as carries binding power.

When it is connected to UN Swssindo’ s Program in regard to DBLC for the people, members of National Army, members of Police, which formally states that all Debts have been paid off since February 4th, 2016. Accordingly, mutatis mutandis, Debt Burden has legally been liberated by UN Swissindo, and the People is then legally entitled to the said debt liberation and are freed from debt collected by banks or any other financial institutions whatsoever under the Authority of Bank Indonesia.

Considering that DBLC has been publicized by virtue of Acclamation on October 16th, 2016 before the public and was announced via the Radio of the Republic of Indonesia and Television of the Republic of Indonesia, then it is legally applicable and binds any parties and the Government shall execute and announce it. Any reasons whatsoever due to delayed response show ignorance to the People’s Rights or is akin to oppressing the People’s Rights, not to mention that US$6.1 trillions are available as per Audit Result of the World Bank No. ASBLP 0330 Year 2012 and Bank indonesia ‘s Safe Keeping Receipt No. 0126/BI-SKR/XI/2012

Since this Program is applicable in States on Earth, then it will be a duping action if Government or Banking Instruments such as OJK (Authority of Finance Service) defy and protest the Program, which will only hurt the feeling of the People, especially when the authority intimidated and terrorized the people using the power of police members, whose duty is to protect the people. In NKRI, the People are the Holders of the Highest Authority of the State Sovereignty implemented by the State Executor namely the Government.
So, any form whatsoever that “wound” the People and their Rights, is tantamount to undermining the State Sovereignty and Enemies of the State or even it equals genuine PKI (Communist Party)

By Advocate of United Nations Swissindo

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