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University of Lampung, located in Bandar Lampung, is one of State Universities in Indonesia. Among hundreds of State Universities, 27 of them have been accredited A. Academicians of University of Lampung must be very proud as University of Lampung is one of 27 accredited State Universities.
Official announcement by virtue of Ministerial Decree Letter and certification is to be submitted to Rector of University of Lampung Professor Hasriadi Mat Akin at the beginning of January 2017.

Professor Hasriadi Mat Akin confirmed the news of University of Lampung having obtained Accreditation from National Accreditation Board. Altogether, there are 48 higher education institutions having obtained A Accreditation: 27 State-Owned Universities, 15 Private Universities, 3 Religion State-Owned Universities, and 3 Middle-cluster State-Owned Universities. Compared to A Accreditation of 2015 awarded to 23 higher education institutions (17 state Universities and 6 Private Universities), the number of A- Accredited universities has increased by 109%. This means that more and more universities have made efforts to increase education quality.

According to Professor Hasriadi Mat Akin, University of Lampung was rated the thirteenth of the best universities based on webometrics Version, and the sixteenth based on 4ICU Version. It is probably due to this prestigious achievement that National Accreditation Board awarded Accreditation to University of Lampung.

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