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Recruitment of Field Consultants For M1 Master Bond Distribution

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Recruitment of Field Consultant
Recruitment of Human Obligation Distribution Coordinators for one neighborhood block
UN Swissindo’s members and volunteers are now busy recruiting people for neighborhood block coordinators in regard to the planned human obligation distribution for the community in each neighborhood block. Swissindo Deputy for Lampung (based on the result of the meeting in Jakarta attended by Mr. Apriyanto) has instructed to the members and volunteers to recruit  Bandar Lampung communities to be posted as coordinators in the neighborhood blocks in regard to the planned M1 Master Bond distribution. Based on the Human Obligation document, it is stipulated that 3(three) coordinators shall be appointed for each neighborhood block.
For Bandar Lampung (consisting of 126 sub-districts/villages), at least 18,900 neighborhood block coordinators will be recruited assuming that each sub-district/village has at least 50 neighborhood blocks. There are some sub-districts/villages, each of which has more than 100 neighborhood blocks.
The recruitment of the coordinators has already commenced since the beginning of January 2017. One of the members named Handoko, a retired army member, said that with a limited number of Swissindo members, recruiting 18,900 people from 6,300 neighborhood blocks is probably like getting blood from a stone. However, he will do the best he can.
Recruitment for neighborhood block coordinators is also underway in many other sub-district/villages of other regencies like Pesawaran Regency, East Lampung Regency, and South Lampung Regency.
The purpose of appointing coordinators or human obligation consultants in neighborhood blocks that they will inform members of the neighborhood blocks of Swissindo Human Obligation Programs.
The recruitment of neighborhood block coordinator is in line with Human Obligation Proposal Part VII as follows:
As has been guided by UN-SWISSINDO regarding Field Consultant Recruitment in all villages, all field consultants will involve 3 (three) young man and women from each smallest village in all Asian countries.  Village Chiefs will work as coordinators in their respective working areas. And those officials appointed in subdistricts work as supervisors.  Central and Distric officials work as consultants, whose jobs are to  monitor all activities  and are responsible for administrative manajement  both at office or field.

Main task and  Function
       In carrying out their duty, all officials shall be provided technical implementation guidance from Swissindo in order that all officials have the knowledge of their job descriptions and ranges of their responsibiltiy assigned to them, in the hope that all activities will run according to plan and thus all work performance can be accounted for.
       The main task and function are divided into two parts, where each officials will work in accordance with their task and function.
A.     Field Consultants
B.        Coordinate with related institutions.
C.        Socialize  Human Obligation (Right to Life Insurance for all) to all community members in Asian Countries.
D.       Carry out population cencus for community as prospective beneficiaries of Human Obligation
E.        Provide enlightenment to community members about  regulations of cash withdrawal from executing banks.
F.         Report to  UN-SWISSINDO consultants in their working areas.
G.       Provide information and communication media for the community regarding  Human Obligation.

B.   Administrative Officials
1.        Coordinate with field consultants.
2.        Prepare all instuments that are used for field work.
3.        Work at administration and office management.
4.        Accept and input data from field consultants
5.        Monitor data processing work done by field consultants.
6.        Identify and verify the data sent by field  consultants
7.        Evaluate result of field work.

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