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UN SWISSINDO Inaugurated Kendal UN SWISSINDO Central Java

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UN Swissindo Central Java
The Great President of United SWISSINDO, Mr. Sino K681 AS inaugurated Voluntary Committee of UN SWISSINDO for Regency/Urban Level of Central Java. The inauguration was held at Kendal Regency Hall on Sunday 22nd, 2017. There are already 27 regencies in Central Java, which have established Voluntary Committee of UN SWISSINDO. Mr. Sino said this institution has the main objective, namely to return the people's right related to the wealth, which has been used by both National and International institution.


Un Swissindo Kendal
"We are only executing the mandate from Bung Karno (the First President of the Republic of Indonesia) to return State sovereignty," explained Mr. Sino.

Coordinator or Deputy General UN SWISSINDO for Kendal Regency, Central Java, MR. Tohar said that the objective of this institution is to free the people of bank debt burden. The debtors should submit DBLC to the banks where they have borrowed the money. While the banks process the DBLC documents, the debtors still have to continue paying their debt. All payment made after February 4th, 2016 shall be returned to the debtors after all processes have been completed.

"So, debtors having submitted the DBLC documents does not mean that their debt is freed; they still have to pay it while Swissindo complete all debt payment process," Mr. Tohar explained to

Tohar also said that the people can download DBLC document for free or come to the voluntary committee to have the print out.


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