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UN Swissindo : Kendal Event Speech by M1

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UN Swissindo International orbit
The following is the translation of Kendal Speech delivered by M1. There is important information contained thereof:

Royal K.681, King of Kings’ Grand speech at Kendal Regency, Central Jawa.
May peace be upon you. In this Grand Hall, today we are so blessed to be able to meet and unite here. To the head Kendal Regency, I would like to thank you for this opportunity.
In the future, we will not be burdened anymore. If you have lived in a hard and bitter live and you are still experiencing it today, I’ve also lived a life that is also bitter, far bitterer.
If you could feel what the President is feeling today, he’s feeling the same as you are. The 20 letters are characteristic of 20 limbs on your body. If you arrange the 20 letters without reducing the letters, then they will read “dalang anyata Dwipa Nusantara raya”. We are now holding it again because we are accountable for all agreements of world events—until today there have been agreement after agreement until today.


And my standing here is also to account for Swissindo World Trust International Orbit and why it is referred to as Swissindo World Trust International Orbit.
Indonesia was registered in 1887.  It was later proclaimed in August 17th, 1945. It is the same as what we are doing today.  United Nation was established and registered in Batavia. However, our people have forgotten it or the history may not have been delivered. Based on this, Swissindo has included Committee 300, the International Organic Agency and the United Nations. There are at least 14 International Organizations included in it.
Today I am delivering and announcing it again to the people because I am also one of the people. I have received several messengers, whom I had to receive even though I wanted to reject them. How was this created and how will I explain it again that Swissindo does not belong to only Indonesia but multinational countries – 25 parent countries.


You would all be proud when you understand this matter – that is working in yourselves and what mission has brought by UN Swissindo? At least there is one main program which is referred to as DBLC and Voucher M1 Master Bond, designated to cure you of 17 diseases in human heart!
God or even your ancestors do not allow the contents of this country to be utilized without first the people being well taken care of.
Remember the country’s debt is worth 4,300 trillion – if there are 250 million citizens and the debt is to be borne by each citizen, how much debt will each of you have to bear? You have to pay for your needs, to say nothing of paying your debt; how can you dream of enjoying heaven on earth?
When a deceased person is about to be buried, the bereaved families or relatives are often asked if the deceased still has debt to settle.
So, live in harmony, live in harmony starting from small families. I know it’s hard because temptation appears from around you.
We, being here is a part of the first president’s responsibility, which was why we held the Grand Acclamation as a proof and as a source of international law from proclamation to acclamation.
Several days ago, I also read the news regarding banking decisions on the use of asset or property, which are all under the articles of United Nations. All of these were carried out in order that the Mission Implementation can be synergized with Government or its officials where ever they are. The problems seem to be the same for all: the people in the street, in offices or in other organizations.
I still remember being visited by a candidate of Bali’s Governor. He is a professor of economics, who acknowledges the truth of Swissindo Mission. He has carried out a research in regard to our programs. He said that at least two of the programs are undeniable no matter what theories being used to verify it. Perhaps this is what is called the global paradox.

What is most important to us is what we have agreed to do, namely the rolling out of fund. I know many have asked when the fund will be rolled out. You shouldn’t have asked such a question. I pray to God and never ask Him when the fund will be rolled out. I am certain that my prayer is being answered. Without you asking the question, God is preparing what you want. God has stated in the Holy Quran, Chapter 65, verses 3 that Fortune may come from any unexpected directions. This verse has been used by many Islam religious preachers as a message of their teaching.

Do not be a hypocrite and doubt Allah’s revelations, as long as the sun still rotates, there will always be miracles in this country. There are still evidences such as the evidence of the Magnificent Borobudur Temple and the creation of Prambanan Temple. Why don’t you think in that way? You must have thought about it, which is why you are all meeting me here. It may feel heavy but in fact it is very light. Often, messages are delivered, at times you don’t realize that it is heavy, so pertaining to what I’ve just mentioned, it represents at least 34 provinces. No matter who will be inaugurated in any regional level, you should be able to think as cleverly as Kendal Regency. And those 27 inaugurated members for Kendal Regency should be able to think in the level of Governor or other Head of Regents because it describes how their governors and the President are, thereby also describes how the people are.

Your mind must be overloaded now. Allow me to tell you that I am here not only representing 34 provinces but the world countries in five continents as well. The secret message of “Beginning and Ending” is being held here right now. I am telling you now that this has never been held before. The history of Immam Mahdi, the Righteous King … which is UN Swissindo World Trust International Orbit; is a Mandate of your ancestors and Kings. The mandate is related to DBLC for the people and Government.

Accordingly, there was someone from Ireland visited me just to beg for not to finish this with military force, while many others have come to me and begged for women who have no jobs in offices should be paid taken care of. The women, regardless of they have jobs or not shall be rewarded with Swissindo fund. Why would the Government be funded while families are not? This is how Human Obligation shall come into effect, and of which all will have their Account Number. I have delivered technical implementation procedure to the bank that has contacted me. This matter shall immediately be informed and announced.

I also requested that banks should end the crisis under their responsibility. Let the people shackled with debt sleep like a log in their homes without being evicted from their homes because they can’t pay their debt. Give them a solution! Aren’t you created from the holiest soul? Why are you defeated by a piece of Paper? Let’s finish this beautifully. I am responsible not only for Indonesia but also Banks, which are connected to me.

You should also know that all members of United Nations Organization are not only human beings but also jinn, demons and angels as they have all been created by God Almighty.
Currently, people who are not yet born until elderly, people with rank and without rank, all ponder over how to get money. Do not worry! In due time, it will come to you like the sweetness of a mango without you having to ask for it.

Let us be united!  You see our country is being threatened with separation! Watch it on your TV! Separation among groups, tending to racism and assault!  What does NKRI Harga Mati (Non-negotiable NKRI) mean? What about East Timor? Is NKRI still non-negotiable in this respect? And Community Organizations are at war with one another! Is this country still referred to as Pancasila-based country?
Do not bring people into conflict. Do not bring anyone, whoever they are into conflict! Let the people live happily without any pain!
I hope this will be ensouled since the 5 precept of Pancasila will be set fourth into DBLC or M1 Voucher Master Bond or the Venus Project to be accepted and constructed in 34 provinces. I have already signed the Venus Project Contract.
Why wasn’t the returned asset from America and China worth 1,500 trillion USD given to the Government? I also do not know. ( it was returned to M1)
Do no say our country is poor! Who’s said it is poor? Also do not say our country is rich if it cannot free the debt that’s shackled the people!
I am informing this to all of you, while I still have my second breath, the third breath is the last breath.
Why can’t you think sensibly instead of shouting “Swissindo is crazy for freeing the people’s debt!”
Has this occurred to you? If all of the people in the world have debt, who do they have the debt to? If BI prints IDR currency, why would it allow the Government seeks loan? Why isn’t the bank responsible to cover the people’s debt? Why are you quarreling with debt collectors? Is there any error in the banking system? What has been happening behind all this?
Today, you have a breakthrough; today you have begun educating the world of something new, starting from your pure heart.
You can even witness today the Prophets and the Gods are crying today --- cry of joy and they are saluting to all of you.
I do not have to wear these special clothes but have accepted, to give my respect to you as you all deserve to be respected.
I’ve ordered for the physical money to be deposited in the banks. I have to do this transparently and safely.

I am proud of all of you as you are here to accompany me. Almost every day I hardly go to sleep early. The earliest sleeping time for me is mostly after dawn. Perhaps you also do the same.
Swissindo should synergize with governments and other institutions. Your task is to protect and give them examples, not to follow what they do.

Don’t blame anyone. If you make mistakes, admit it. And don’t be afraid or embarrassed if your mistakes  are mentioned because there is no truth without error. God has created two characters:  truth and false.

We are on earth to re-guide people for better future generations.
After this event, based on the report I received, there will be a meeting with the kings in Yogyakarta. I hope this will bridge the Solo Grand Event in Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace, which will of course be attended by the leaders of world countries. This event will be the most spectacular event in the world history.

Once again, please don’t be afraid to ask for forgiveness when you make mistakes. Asking for forgiveness will not reduce your dignity at all.
There is no difference between diamond and glass. The only difference is that diamond shines. Indo Nesia means parents of human beings. But not Indon Sia, which means “you are stupid” in Sundanese language.
Let’s unite the Red and White Batch and reverberate the truth once again and unite this country.
Never feel tired of loving and acknowledging the true NKRI. Do not ever get tired because this country has been bearing the burden of other countries. What we have been doing here is recorded by UNO, they can even see us here gathering in this hall.

Today, we have opened up a new horizon – a discourse of truth, and that you are now united with your Government. I will guide it until this matter is resolved peacefully. All will be saved on earth and in the hereafter. All in all, your fund is to be provided but please, you all stop this frictions among you, which is within the family of Swissindo itself!
Stop fighting, and leave behind the play of Mahabarata because that is a civil war (between families).

I shall repeal and close the fighting!!!
I have asked an Angel once whether he would allow me to bring prosperity to this country. I had to ask the question twice. He answered it by shaking his head. After I shook hand with him I asked which Angel he is, he said he was an Angel of Death. That was related to the time when the Angel wanted to destroy Jakarta by means of a gas pipeline.

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