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a theme park will be built in Bogor, west java
1.5 km from this area is the theme park project
Jakarta – There is more to a theme park than just for a recreation place for families. It is as an icon of a city and a world tourist resort destination. Take a look at Disneyland in California, U.S.A, Disneyland in Tokyo, Universal Studio in Singapore and the most recently built Disneyland of Shanghai in China.

Well, Indonesia herself will have the world-level tourism destination through a construction of a theme park resort in Lido, Bogor, West java, Indonesia.

CEO MNC Group, Hary T, as a founder of the group, feels sure the process of design construction of a theme park in Lido will be bigger than that of Disneyland in Hong Kong. It is even said to be Disneyland of Indonesia as well as Southeast Asia.

Hary Tanoesodibjo, who is nicknames as HT also added that this project will provide more employment for communities in the area, especially for those living nearby Lido Sukabumi area. “MNC wants a bigger project than Disneyland of Hongkong and this will of course increase employment,” explained HT while he was at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta on Friday, June 16th, 2016.

The first phase construction of a theme park in Lido, Bogor, West Java, will cost approximately USD500 million and this will be world-class  theme park construction.

To synergize this with transportation matters, MNC has already contacted with Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia in regard to construction of Light Railway Train.
Minister of Transportation has agreed to build the railway to connect to Disneyland project area in Lido. At this time, Toll Road Construction connecting Jagorawi Toll to Lido-Sukabumi is still underway. So, it is hoped that buses will have hourly services to the area.

HT kept reassuring about Disneyland of Lido, Bogor, West Java, becoming more famous in multinational countries, as soon as the project is 100% completed.


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