Saturday, March 4, 2017

Education Should Have Been Free For All

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To most parents, sending their children to school is getting even harder nowadays. It seems that education is akin to profit making only. If only leaders of the government could hear the cry of parents having to prepare some money for their children’s school fee. Education should have been free for all! Isn’t it the government’s responsibility that all children can go to school?
Knowing that getting money is like getting blood from a stone, parents have to act like criminals just to be able to send their children to school.

Every year, educational fund is released in order that educational programs can run – to build facilities and infrastructures, to carry out educational research and the like. To say nothing of teachers’ claim that their salaries be raised, while education quality still leaves much to be desired.
UN Swissindo has stepped forward to help overcome the problem by introducing DBLC to start with, which will be followed by distribution of Voucher M1 Master Bond. It is a Grand Mission, which must be supported by all of the people.
On its way filled with obstacles and challenges, M1 or Sino. A.S never slacks off even an inch to deliver the Grand Mission to all Walks of Life by issuing DBLC in order that all will be aware that their debt will be liberated. Volunteers have also stepped forward to help disseminate DBLC to all corners.

Agendas have been executed in order that the people will understand that UN Swissindo’s intention is not to be sneezed at, not even fake. Grand Acclamation was held in Monas Monument, Central Jakarta attended by thousands of supporters and officials. Do you still want to call that UN Swissindo is messing around?

With this Mission being off the ground, there will be no more parents shedding blood tears to be able to send their children to school. We do hope Almighty God will answer our prayer and the people’s support will be greater still, and our long-awaited P1-11 will immediately be tangible.


Remember M1’s messages in his Kendal Speech. “Purify your heart and cease frictions among yourselves. Then your fund will soon be prepared.” Other messages are inter alia that we have to synergize with the Government and banks are also requested to stop the dispute with their customers, who want their debt to be freed. UN Swissindo has paid off all debts. Still, Debt Liberation shall await Decree of BI Governor.

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