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Sharp Rise of Exchange Rate to 16,000 IDR

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Sharp Rise of Exchange Rate to 16,000 IDR

By means of using the robbed documents belonging to 36 persons [document B], Bank of Indonesia at the beginning of 1995 [Sudrajad Djiwandono] had the currency in 20,000 and 50,000 denominations (with smiling Soeharto picture on it) printed and circulated. 

The currency of 20,000 and 50,00 denomination was printed by PT. PERURI and PT. PURA X while 100,000 denomination was printed in Australia. All printed currency mentioned above was worth 5,000 trillion IDR or equivalent to US$ 2,008 billion (based on exchange rate of US$1/2,400 IDR). In other words, by the time 5,965 TRILLION IDR was printed, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia should have had asset guarantee (Collateral) in the form of gold or platinum worth 2,700,000 kg of gold/platinum or equivalent to 6,500 TRILLION IDR as the guarantee of the circulation from the Letter/Document in (attachment 26) resulting in Economic Crisis of the exchange rate of 2,400 IDR/US$1 (PRIOR TO PRINTING) rising sharply to 16,000 IDR/US$1 (AFTER PRINTING).


The bottom line was that such currency printing was of violation as per “Keynes Law and Patent License Agreement of Document Association of International Certificate”, [Guarantee of the Lawful  World Standard Currency Printing] as the Parent Institution of KEY and LOCK under the control of Ratu Imam Mahdi, “Consortium Internationality-SWISSINDO

If the printed currency were not returned as per “Procedural – Constitutional – Diplomatic Exibitioner’s A and B”, SWISSINDO [“Top Secret, ID HISTORY OWNERSHIP” since 17-7-1945] as the owner of “Collateral & Cash Collateral/IDI Consortium Internationality/Property Deeds Corporate & Institutions [Manual System]” who was in charge of recreating the System [“INSTALL-LARGEST PAYMENT PROCESSOR & TRANSFER MONEY SYSTEM”] as the World Mandatory Letter & the Mouthpiece of the people constituting undeniable evidence for reissuance of BANK SECURITIES, then there would be no institution nor anyone who would be able to justify the currency printing BEYOND the responsibility other than proof of Micro Film Ownership.

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