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In response to those still disbelieve UN Swissindo in the social media, this is what he said.
I am glad at your comments, it’s like a huge building where I am already in it, and I am among friends, “who are talking about the building they haven’t even entered. So, this is very interesting to me hearing all you saying the followings: Is there ghost in it?  Be careful there must be a catch to it; don’t let yourselves be trapped in it…! Exciting! But you are all not thinking about it correctly.”  You know little but pretend to know all. This will endanger countries and people.  This is what is referred to as provocateurs as they are not responsible…
To those making negative comments,
This is Noble Program set out by God in His Holy Book. We are here only helping fight in order that this Grand Program can be realized. If you haven’t understood the Program, you will be better off meeting us in person to have direct discussion. There are many from outside Java who are curious have come to see us…. What about you?
UN Swissindo has repaid people’s debt since February 4th, 2016, acceptable ‘KAR’ Certificate is kept by TNI AU (Indonesian Air Force) and LVRI (Veteran Institution of the Republic of Indonesia), which have proved that the waiver of right is legitimate for the fund in 6 prime banks to repay all customers’ debt… and the government and BI have not implemented the flow of fund to branches of banks concerned. This is the actual condition… so debtors have no obligation to pay their debt. The banks will receive equal profit of 8 -10% of the repaid debt.
Did it cross your mind that the fund was misappropriated? Did it cross your mind that people’s misery should be ended? Did it cross your mind that government officials considered the people to be stupid and they can easily get away with the fund? And you still wish if only you could…… and keep commenting without doing anything.
If you doubt Un Swissindo, that’s reasonable as you haven’t read the document received by Government and the people, meanwhile, the Government has no reason for not implementing Un Swissindo Program, as this is Noble Program with its clear fund, so is the source, to say nothing of its huge amount. Why haven’t you responded at all? For example, you can facilitate a meeting to discuss technical matter, team formation, coordination, etc. In fact, you do nothing but go against us.
It seems that debt collectors’ actions are justified and police reports are unacceptable for various reasons. Debt collectors are getting crazier entering people’s houses seizing vehicles. The vehicles in the street entered the yard of the police office to get protection from debt collectors but the debt collectors had no respect to the police and grabbed the vehicles. The President kept talking about catching the culprits who seized motorcycles. That was an order seemingly considered to be a clown; the police didn’t seem to give benefit to the people in the street.
Finance Service Authority has referred UN Swissindo as PT Swissindo. It is weird as Swissindo never uses the word “PT”.  It gave information to the mess media accusing Swissindo of committing fraudulence and provoked the community to report Swissindo to the police. And we are sure the police have been “conditioned” to accept the report without knowing what was being reported. According to DBLC, police’s debt has also been repaid but ironically they are willing to be manipulated, while we know that they have families who are miserable due to debt.

With reference to Act No.21 of 2011 concerning Finance Service Authority (OJK), OJK exists within the interest of Bank and that of customers due to its independence.  OJK is headed by Board of Commissioners, who constitute collective collegiality. Representatives of OJK in provinces cannot carry out their duties without instructions from the central office. Now bank customers’ debt has been repaid and banks will receive profit of 8-10% of the repaid debt. Document and other information are clear can be read like banks’ names with amount of the fund including account number. Such document has been disseminated to all corners all over Indonesia. Action for peace has appeared with banners, t-shirts, jackets with Swissindo things written on it. All these are more than sufficient for OJK to justify and investigate more into the truth of the document. As per the Law certainty, transparency principle, and principle of public interest, OJK has to do it at least to show its dignity and integrity of its quality of work instead of going against Swissindo with its negative statements. How can Swissindo be illegal, while it is the highest of all highest institutions in the world carrying seals of United Nations and World Bank, OJK with its local status and is still under the State cannot value or evaluate UN Swissindo. It is akin to Elementary School students assessing Senior High School students!
To all bank customers,
In regard to debt collectors’ action seizing your vehicles is not regulated in Act No.42 of 1999 concerning fiduciary, Banks/Leasing companies can only seize vehicles if customers commit violations. What is meant by violations here is there is transfer of vehicles, sale of vehicles, or transferred to another party. So, as long as the object of fiduciary is still on the hand of bank customers, any party or whatsoever can seize the vehicles. (See Article 365 dan 368 of Indonesian Civil Code.

What’s more there have been disputes between bank officials and their customers regarding UN Swissindo, then both parties can agree to seek resolution amicably or choose local court for settlement.

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