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UN-Swissindo of North Sumatera Asks that Members of DPRD Urge BI Regarding US$6.1 Trillion

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UN Swissindo

UN-Swissindo of North Sumatera Asks that Members of DPRD Urge BI Regarding US$6.1 Trillion

Medan (North Sumatera)-ORBIT: UN Swissindo – The Highest Institution of the highest State Institutions, Parent Country, Parent Bank, Parent Army – staged a peace rally at the office of Local House of Representatives on Monday, March 27th, 2017.

In this mass oration, UN Swissindo coordinated by Josua Nainggolan, Swissindo Deputy for North Sumatera, explained that the purpose of their presence was not to pay lip-service.
They met members of local House of Representatives to urge BI to be more opened regarding data being disseminated among the communities.

“UN Swissindo’s fund amounting to US$6.1 trillion and 4,500 trillion IDR have existed in Bank of Indonesia since 2012 to be distributed to 6 prime banks (BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI, Danamon, Lippo Group,” said Josua Nainggolan.

According to Josua Nainggolan the fund should have been used to release people’s debt burden and for people’s welfare (Human Obligation). However, it was weird that the fund was nowhere to be traced.

“We are here to request that members of House of Representatives ask BI in regard to the news going around in the communities that US$6.1 trillion to be distributed to 6 prime banks to release people’s debt,” he said to the members of Local House of Representatives, who positively responded the peace rally.

The fund is fantastically large compared with 2017 National Budget, which is only worth 2,080 trillion IDR. In other words, US$6.1 trillion are equivalent to National Budget for 38 years!
Jenny, a politician from Democrat Fraction, stated before all members of UN Swissindo of North Sumatera, who participated in the rally that she had been informed of the rumor and if this was true, it would be extraordinary news, which has never been published before. She said she would submit the aspiration to Head of North Sumatera House of Representatives to be immediately followed up.


Orbit Newspaper of North Sumatera, Indonesia (27/3/2017)

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