Three Lakes with Mystical Folklore in Indonesia


Three Lakes with Mystical Folklore in Indonesia

Lakes are large areas of freshwater surrounded by land located on large basins formed by many causes, either by natural phenomena or man-made. Indonesia is one of the countries, which has a number of breathtaking lakes. The lakes have become world tourism objects. It is said that one of the lake attractions is existence of mystery that surrounds them. Whether it be true or not, the mystery cannot be proven or it is only local people’s belief.

Here are 3(three) lakes’ ghost-haunted mystery:

1.     Lake Toba

Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia. The beauty of Lake Toba contributes to its worldwide fame. The island in the middle of the lake is an added value. However, behind the lake's beauty, there is creepy mystery related to the lake. A boy visiting the lake with his friends said that all his friends saw a woman having flat white face approaching them. The local people also often hear a cry coming from the lake. They say it is the cry of victims drowning in the lake.  Lake Toba recently became popular due to the existence of a mysterious image caught when visitors took a photo of the lake.

2.     Lake Tolire

The second lake is Lake Tolire located in Ternate, North Maluku. Ternate is well known for its legendary folklores, one of which is related to Lake Tolire. Tourists visit the lake not only due to beauty offered by the lake but also the mystery around it. According to legend, this lake used to be a village cursed and drowned to be a lake due to a father r*ping with his daughter.  Now there two lakes: a big Tolire and a small one. No one is brave to fish in the big one simply because they believe there is invisible crocodile in it. It is said that people sometimes see the invisible crocodile swimming in the middle of the lake. The crocodile is white and 10 meters long. Not everyone can see the crocodile.

3.     Lake Gunting, Bogor, West Java

Lake Gunting located in back of the Palace of Bogor is small in size just like the form of a pair of scissors if seen from the air, which is why people call it Lake Gunting (scissors). And in the middle of the lake there is a small island also called "Gunting".It is easy for visitors to find the lake as it is not far from the main gate of Kebun Raya Bogor where the palace is.
The mystical folklore about this lake is that at one of the corners of the lake lives an astral spirit having a big black figure. A Dutch woman in Dutch traditional costumes is often seen in the middle of the lake. A lot of people assume that she was Lady Raffles, alias Olivia Mariamne Devenish, a monument of whom is not far from the lake.

Apart from mystical aura of the lake, Lake Gunting is also very attactive, especially when lotus flowers are blooming.

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