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Swissindo's Great Event in Bandar Lampung

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Swissindo World Trust International Orbit
BANDARLAMPUNG —As a follow-up of DBLC and also to introduce UN Swissindo to Bandar Lampung Community, UN-Swissindo held a Great Open Speech on Saburai field, Bandar Lampung on Wednesday 26th, 2017.
The activity was attended by hundreds of volunteer coming from other provinces such Palembang, Bengkulu, Java, Sulawesi, Riau and Kalimantan. Also invited to the event were representatives of local police officers and members of Armed Forces.
In his speech, M1, as a holder and owner of KAR-Negara Certificate, who was present at the open speech event, told that UN Swissindo has worked sincerely to prosper the people in this country using the fund or asset, which has been kept in several world banks and banks in Indonesia.
One of Indonesian asset deposited in the world banks is in the form of Bond, which belongs to the people and should be returned to the people.
 “This great event was very spectacular; all volunteers of UN SWISSINDO has continued fighting for the welfare of the people,” he said.
The World Prime Minister for National and International Objectives, Mr.Sapto Hananto, in his speech explained that the wealth of Indonesia totals US$245 trillion existing in both World banks and in several banks in Indonesia. This wealth shall be distributed to the people upon administration completion. The people having National ID cards are to be distributed US$1,200 (adults) and US@600 (children aged 17 or above).
UN SWISSINDO has made an effort to urge the government to accept the offer in order that the fund can immediately be distributed to the people with consideration that the people are now undergoing financial misery due to having debt at the banks.
 “The fund will fairly be distributed to the people every month for their whole life. Swissindo will be pleased if this runs accordingly as Swissindo’s main objectives are inter alia to prosper the people’s life,” said Mr. Hananto.
The wealth comes from a variety of sources that has been kept for a very long time in several international banks. It has 884 accounts, which have been audited by the world banks. In Indonesia, the fund is spread in 6 prime banks  (BNI, Mandiri, BRI, BCA, Danamon dan Bank Lippo Niaga.) amounting to US$6.1 trillion.
 “The people have been waiting for so long. We have informed all banks of Swissindo’s account in order that they will follow up what we have demanded,” he explained.
As regard to DBLC, Swissindo has declared that the people’s debt has been released since February 4th, 2016. Swissindo urged that this would immediately be followed up.
Swissindo’s Grand Acclamation was also held on October 16th, 2016 at Monas field not far from the Presidential Palace in Jakarta.
 “We are awaiting banking institutions, especially Central Bank and other banks to sit together wish UN Swissindo. Bear in mind that the people has long been miserable. If the fund is immediately distributed, then this will give positive impact on not only economy but all others aspects as well.
The people’s wealth has been well stored since the kingdom era, and since SKR was signed, it was clear that the fund has been kept in Bank of Indonesia. We are just waiting for an immediate fund roll out,’ added Mr. Hananto.
Our hope is that this Great Event held in Bandar Lampung will open the mind and eyes of relevant parties to be involved in this program as soon as possible so that the people’s misery will end. (IH)


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