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This is what Yunasril said about OJK and UN Swissindo

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UN Swissindo's Advocate

This is what Yunasril said about OJK and UN Swissindo

Having read OJK (Finance Service Authority)’ circulation letter, I presume that OJK has hurt people’s feeling. It should be understood that:
1.       UN Swissindo as the highest institution of the highest institutions having logos of United Nations Organization, and of World Bank can only be verified by institutions of international caliber or at least one level higher than any states.

2.       UN Swissindo has only informed the State (especially NKRI) as a member of United Nations Organization of its Debt Relief Program (DBLC), not Finance Service Authority and Police. Accordingly, the Government is obliged to respond whether or not DBLC program will be accepted or rejected. The Government’s response will create legal certainty, public transparency, and public interest.

3.       That the people’s right to access information on DBLC published in print media and broadcast on TVRI and RRI (Radio of the Republic of Indonesia) fulfills formal and material truth conditions and the fact that there has been no definite remedy has resulted in the people being given public information as per Article 4 of the Act No.14 of 2008 concerning Public Transparency.

4.       The notification published by OJK that DBLC is not in accordance with banking mechanism regarding debt settlement has indeed cornered  UN Swissindo in its effort to free humanity. People’s debt settlement that is said to be only resolved through banking mechanism is premature and presumptuous statement considering that the people will definitely be happy that their debt is fully repaid. As long as the notification by OJK is not made by virtue of applicable law in Indonesia, then such notification falls within the category of misleading information or public deception.

5.       The fact that the people have accepted DBLC is due to their right to have their debt relieved and their fighting for is still legally right -- they submitted DBLC together with accompanying documents to the banks or leasing companies in the hope that the banks or leasing companies will follow up fairly instead of involving police institutions, which finally showed uncertainty in addressing the problem and without their realizing it, it made the situation worsen.

6.       Conclusion :
·         A meeting should be hold between UN Swissindo and an Institution representing the Government in front of the people involving print and electronic media;
·         The people or members of community are not guilty and should have been protected instead of having been threatened;
·         Firmly prove it to the public that the Government is ready to take risk if there is misappropriation or embezzlement of Swissindo's fund committed by Public officials;
·         As per the Act concerning transparency of public information and Act No.8 of 1999 concerning Protection of Consumers that every individual of the society is entitled to obtain true information and receive public service from government officials including legal protection from the police;
·         Please read it carefully that DBLC is for the people including the police, members of arm forces, and civil servants, and even the government's debt is also relieved;
·         Those who have responded negatively should realize that they should have helped the communities by supporting UN Swissindo Program, i.e. by pushing the government to immediately hold a meeting with UN Swissindo.

Written and Composed by

 Yunasril Yuzar SH, Advocate of UN Swissindo on March 31st, 2017 at 01:41 West Indonesian Time Zone. 


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